Jan 28, 2013

iWriter vs oDesk Review

When it comes to choosing the best online website for publishing your work or submitting your articles, there are various considerations that need to be put in place. These include things like understanding what field you are really good in and what are the expectations or standards of the website that you choose as your publisher.

iWriter and oDesk remains two best sites for professional writers. This is because all articles submitted to these two websites has to be written within their set standards and advertisers are given a chance to decide which articles they will approve as well as which articles they will reject. I have submitted articles in both websites and here is my personal experience of the two websites.


This is the one of the easiest website to join. There is no long process before you become a member of the this website. You register your account as either write article or get article and immediately thereafter, you are given an access for watching a short video that guides you on how to go about in the website.

If you decide to become a writer, you are allowed to browse through different categories of jobs and choose one topic that you feel you are comfortable writing about. The list consist of different categories with each topic having a price tag and some special instructions to follow when writing the article.

You are given a minimum of three (3) hours if your are writing a 500 words article or more depending on the words count of the article. When you are through, the advertiser is given time to check/read through your article which is around 72 hours. The advertiser can either prove it or reject it, if your article is approved, your payment is credited on your account. With time, as your popularity increases, your account can be upgraded to premium or elite and earn more money.


This is another site that requires skill testing before you can publish your work. The first thing that you need is register an account, fix your price, post your profile and fill up personal information such as; your past work history or any other relevant information. You are then required to take online skill tests for verifying your skills.

The advertiser check out the profile posted and price and if they are pleased with your profile, they can offer you a job. Here the most important thing is making sure that your profile remains attractive to the advertisers and taking tests enhances your skills and increase your chances of being selected.

Though the website that you choose depends on your expectation, skills, knowledge and what type of clients you are looking forward to work with. I personally suggest iWriter if you are looking to earn money quickly but if you looking for stability and long term gains, then oDesk would probably be much better since if you are able to submit quality work to a client, there is possibilities that you may be hired for more well paying jobs in the future.


This is the first time I've heard about iWriter. I'll definitely check it out. Many thanks for the info!

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