Feb 15, 2013

Getting Healthy Juices For Kids To Drink

Encourage your kids to drink plenty of water. Use a water bottle or glass which appeals to them. You can also use a water bottle where they can measure and see the amount of water they’ve had for the day.

Getting your kids to drink healthy green juices and vegetable juices could be an upheaval of a task. Mix them with juices like apple or carrot and it wont be too difficult to get them to drink it. Gradually move from pure carrot or apple juice to apple-carrot-parsley juice. Try using sweet organic apples and carrots and serve the juice in an attractive tumbler.

Make juicing a family activity. Involve the kids in helping with preparing the ingredients, and deciding on which juices to make and searching for recipes. This family time will not only inculcate good and healthy eating habits but the kids will learn about the nutritional benefits of fruits and vegetables.

Kids love to have what they have prepared and you will find that they readily have all the good stuff on their own. Other ways to encourage your kids to consume more fruits are to make ice lollies from fresh fruit juice.

Make fruit smoothies and shakes by liquidizing fruit such as strawberries, mango or bananas with fruit juice and/or milk.


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