Mar 10, 2013

10 Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

10 Health Benefits of Carrot Juice, or Why Choose This ‘Golden Drink of Healing’?

It’s a matter of common knowledge that juicing is one’s fast track to good health. Besides, this process allows us to take in more vegetables at once, as we cannot eat tons of raw and cooked vegetables all the time. More so, liquid vegetable mass is easily assimilated. In other words, juices are ideal solution for daily solving of health problems.

Carrots are really great as a base for regular fresh vegetable juice. What is more important, it’s unbelievably nutritious and healing by itself. So, get a bunch of carrots, and juice them with apples, celery or beets. Don’t store the carrot juice, better drink it immediately! Now, you are ready to find out how many benefits you’ve drunk.

Let’s Drink Juices! Discover 8 Health Benefits of Carrot Ambrosia
  • Actually, there is 1 main nutrient in carrot juice: beta-carotene. This is an antioxidant, which helps to improve your vision. Why, have you ever seen rabbits in glasses? The thing is that they just love carrots! So, the old myth that carrots help you see better is absolutely true. Also, beta carotenes maintain epithelial tissues, which surround your internal organs and control cancerous growths. Yes, carrots do help in keeping cancer away. In addition, beta carotene gives the body essential vitamins A, B and E.
  • As far as carrots are those deep soil root vegetables, they can absorb an abundance of minerals. Carrot juice is a drinkable source of potassium. Its deficiencies are bad for your body, resulting in acne, dry skin, muscle spasms and high cholesterol levels.
  • When juiced, carrots have perfect regenerative capacities. Drinking their juice either cleanses or restores your liver. That’s why this drink has been called the ‘golden juice of healing qualities.’
  • Juicing from carrots is probably the healthiest lifestyle choice possible. The proven health benefits of those vegetables are: reproductive health, eyesight health, bone health, teeth health, liver health, nail health, skin health and hair health. Well, drinking carrot juice contributes to different parts of your body.
Mega Carrot Beverage: A Few Tips
  • The darker color is the carrot, the more carotene it has.
  • Carrots taste surprisingly sweet, because of high concentration of natural sugar. So, people with diabetes should drink the juice carefully.
  • 8 ounces of carrot juice contain: 800% of daily vitamin A dosage; 35% of recommended vitamin C; 10% of potassium intake level; 6% of needed calcium.
  • Pure carrot juice is an extremely low calorie drink. That’s why it is an excellent helper for weight loss. If you are a dieter, athlete or weightlifter, carrot juicing + dairy blending will be true protein power.
Why Must You Drink Carrot Juice?
  1. It will do good for your overall health and such organs as skin and eyes, digestive system and teeth.
  2. You will purify and revitalize your blood.
  3. You will keep your blood pressure and blood sugar under control.
  4. You will reduce cholesterol, blood clots and heart diseases.
  5. You will kill harmful germs in your mouth and prevent your tooth decay.
  6. You will help your digestion and prevent gastric disorders.
  7. You will reduce the risk of cancers.
  8. If you are a mother, you will improve the quality of your breast milk.
  9. Having periods, you will increase your menstrual flow.
  10. You will improve your skin/hair/nails appearance, as well as your eyesight.
Let’s conclude that carrot juice is a real wonder, with powerful healing virtues for many diseases. Just start loving it! Remember that a glass of this juice daily will benefit you much more than a whole bottle of supplement tablets!


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