Mar 4, 2013

Install Reaver Inflator Beini | Xiaopan OS | Tiny Core

Here you can download Reaver and Inflator to install in your own Beini, XiaopanOS or Tiny Core system. You should place these files in the /tce or sometimes /cde folders. Which ever one it is it will have a bunch of .tcz / .tce files.

I suggest you use UltraISO to edit your existing ISO and drag the files in the appropriate folder, then save as a new ISO and keep the original ISO as a backup if something goes wrong. Note that Beini 1.2.5 and XiaopanOS already has the latest Reaver and Inflator installed. To get Inflator to work you must have Reaver installed first.

Download Reaver 1.4 r113.tcz + Inflator 1.0.tcz (Latest 12/5/2012). It is also recommended that you replace the sqlite3.tcz with this file to help with dependency problems (credit goes to jerung-windows.blogspot).


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