Mar 8, 2013

Quick Diets that Work Fast

A health and fitness market is full of different diets that promise you to lose weight instantly. Many of them may be even fulfilling their promises but at the stake of your health. They certainly help you lose weight but they also make you more vulnerable to various diseases by lowering your immune power and nutrition quotient of the body.

So choosing one of the right so-called quick diets that work fast is a crucial and careful task. You must check if the diet is suitable to your lifestyle so there are more chances that you would follow the diet continuously. You should also make sure that the quick diets that work fast provide you with adequate amount of nutrition which can aid a healthy weight loss process. Given below are some of the safe and easy diets that work fast, so take a look.

Quick Diets That Really Work

Abs Diet: As the name suggests abs diet is one of the best and quick diets to lose belly fat. All you have to do is, include low fat dairy products, lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet in moderate amounts. To make it one of the fast diets that really work, you must have to avoid using excessive oil and sugar in your diet. Apart from this you have to combine this diet with regular exercise regimen to get flat abs. If followed regularly, you will see it working within four weeks.

Atkins Diet: It is one of the most popular diet that works quickly and so it is the first choice for many young men and women. In this diet, a person has to consume more protein rich foods and less amount of carbohydrates, which makes the weight loss process faster. So a person has to include egg whites, low fat dairy foods, lean meats in his daily diets and has to limit the intake of red meats, fried foods, and refined wheat, etc. Atkins diet makes sure that a person gets enough energy and nutrition to be fit and healthy while losing weight.

Hoodia Diet: Hoodia diet is one of the quick diets that work especially for those who tend to put on weight due to overeating. In this diet a person is supposed to take certain supplements, which are made from Hoodia plant found in Africa. This plant is known to suppress the feeling of hunger by making a person feel full after few bites. So a person naturally eat lesser amount of food and do not feel hungry all the time which ultimately results in weight loss. Hence Hoodia diet is one of the quick diets that work fast for over eaters.

Zone Diet: If you wish to take a balanced diet and believe in losing weight naturally then zone diet is ideal for you as it is one of the balanced and quick diets that work fast. According to some health experts, it is one of the well planned diet that strives to achieve the balance between blood sugar levels and hormonal levels that ultimately result in overall health and fitness. This diet allows moderate intake of all the nutrients in diet including 40 % carbohydrates, 30% fats, and 30% proteins in the daily diet for healthy weight loss. It is one of the best diets that work fast and provide a person with wholesome health.

Low Carb Diet: Excessive carbohydrates are known to increase the fat and sugar levels in the body. But they are also one of the important nutrients in the body so consuming them in the right amount is very important for both to lose weight and stay healthy. This is the basic philosophy behind low carb diet. Consuming more fibrous foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits along with protein sources such as dairy products, poultry products, etc. can help person achieve optimum health and fitness. Low carb and high protein diet is one of the popular choice that people opt for.

Apart from these there are many other quick diets that work fast but as mentioned before, most of them will qualify as fad diets that work on comprising your health. Therefore it is better to avoid them. Also remember to consult your doctor before following any of the quick diets that work fast, especially, if you are unwell, under medication, or pregnant. Not every one has the same metabolic rate and genetic makeup and hence the period to lose weight for everyone with the same diet will differ. For maximum benefit and quicker weight loss combine your diet with regular fitness regimen. So go ahead and be ready to flaunt your carved body after few weeks.


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