Apr 25, 2013

6 Secrets for Successful Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the number 1 most visited site thus to promote your business on the Facebook is a very efficient method to increase you business revenue and awarness. In order to succeed in Facebook marketing, you will need to understand what are the best practices and unique opportunity to avoid Facebook Marketing pit fall. Here is the lists of 7 secrets to create a successful Facebook marketing campaign.

Successful Facebook Marketing #1 – No Hard Sell

Facebook is a place where people make use as fun social space on the Internet. People will check status, picture and even video of other people posted on Facebook to relax. You will need to join in the people community and become part of them rather then treated as business crook who hard selling the people.

Hard selling tactics that used in real life is not applicable on the Facebook marketing Advertising login, posting repeatedly on your product or service will not bring your message to you followers but instead it will causes a negative effect and resulting follower unfollowing as think that you are spamming their wall.

Successful Facebook Marketing #2 - Run a Contest

Facebook contest is always the best way to market and campaign your product/services. Organizing a contest campaign will raise the awareness to those non follower and growing your following lists to you business. People like free gifts and they will participate if there is any contest on this.

Here is some suggestion on what contest you can run. You can start running contest campaign such lucky draw where you will require the contestant to like a post. When the people like your post, it will post to their timeline thus the other friends will start know about this and some even will participate.

Successful Facebook Marketing #3 – Post Regularly

If your business Facebook page has follower, meaning these people are interested with your company service/product. You should be feeding the people with information on your services/product regularly. Statistic shown that 50% will check their Facebook at least once a day as they would want to know what’s the new feed on Facebook thus posting your product/service information will raise seen rate.

Guideline is that you should post at least once a day and when you post, make sure that the content is interest. This is to avoid your following thinking that you are spamming them.

Successful Facebook Marketing #4 – Using Own Personal Profile

Depending on the nature of your business, but if your business is branded by YOU (such as Realtor, author, consultant and etc), you may want to consider using your own profile to help out on your marketing. You can even share your personality and your success story while sharing news about your business.

This action will gain the confident from the people as they who they are the following. This method is likely to increase your business and success in Facebook marketing as this is a proven method.

Successful Facebook Marketing #5 - Use Picture or Videos

People will get attracted to appealing photo or videos thus this is a factor in making successful Facebook marketing. You should be using the picture or video frequently to keep your followers engaged. Here are some example of what you can post:
  • If you are a personal trainer, you can post a video of how to do an exercise correctly
  • If you are an architect, you can post how is a renovation progress day by day
  • If you are in a clothing line, you can post the new clothing stocks that arrive
The picture or videos will attract people to click onto your post and check out the details of it.

Successful Facebook Marketing #6 Engage with your follower

The next secret of successful Facebook marketing is that you would need to nurture your relationship with your follower/subscriber. Well, it does take time to build a good relationship with other people so you will need to be patient on nurturing this. You can start of by replying comment if your follower has comment on your post.

You can also start to learn more about your customer thru Facebook insight. With this you can start to tailor your post to meet up with the needs based on the statistics from the Facebook insights.

These are the 6 secrets in making of a successful Facebook Marketing that you can adopt to improve the Facebook marketing and increase your business. Let me know of what you think and whether have you tried and whether it’s working well in your marketing campaign.


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