Apr 24, 2013

Best Treatment For Cystic Acne

Severe skin inflammations can occur if the mild symptoms are neglected. These severe skin inflammations present as cystic acne or nodule pimples. It results from sebaceous glands becoming overactive and production of excessive amounts of sebum. These excess oils collect on the skin pores thus blocking them. Skin infection results when the oils and dead skin cells jam on the pores, thus attracting bacteria which infect the hair follicles. The result is painful swelling and itching.

Some cystic acne treatments that have proven results are benzoyl peroxide formulas and corticosteroid injections. Applying benzoyl peroxide helps kill bacteria in the pores. Irritants such as menthol or alcohol should not be used, since they can increase inflammation and redness.

Avoid using thick moisturizers in the areas affected. Although useful, the moisturizers can clog pores. Stick to lightweight options. Some of the common known treatments are:

1. Oral Antibiotics:

Several oral antibiotics have been used for treating severe cases. Some of these include contraceptives which been used to treat nodular pimples effectively. However, antibiotics may cause side effects like headache, nausea, dizziness, rashes, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Sulfa containing antibiotics help contain severe inflammations. These are used in cases where there is bacterial resistance to commonly prescribed antibiotics such as tetracycline.

Oral antibiotics should be conjoined with topical products designed to treat the skin condition.

2. PDT or photo dynamic therapy:

PDT or photo dynamic therapy is a procedure involving topical application of a photo sensitizing cream and interval exposure to blue or red LED lights.

Complete healing may take a few months. Such a remedy helps reduce the amount of oil in the pores and kill bacteria on the skin.

3. Isotretinion:

Isotretinion formerly called acutane directly affects the production of oils in the glands, therefore changing their production rates. This helps prevent further skin breakouts. Unfortunately, isotretinion is coupled with serious side-effects like problems with liver function, nose bleeds, risk to fetus for pregnant women, excessively dry skin, headaches and hair loss. However, isotretinion remains an effective cure for nodular pimples.

4. Hormone Therapy:

Over production of the androgenic hormones is the chief cause for this severe skin condition in women. Research shows that drugs that block the production of androgens are exceptionally helpful. The drugs are related to some side effects; hence you should seek medical guidance before choosing to use them. Usually physicians and qualified medical staff will recommend using low doses.


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