Apr 13, 2013

Open source Initiative provides free JTAG/Boundary Scan Software and a number of hardware Kits

GOEPEL electronics Ltd. recently announced the accession to the open source initiative goJTAG™.

open source initiative goJTAG™

GOEPEL electronics Ltd. recently announced the accession to the open source initiative goJTAG™ (www.gojtag.com). The networking founded and joined by various universities and several Companies pursues the goal to provide JTAG/Boundary Scan tools and knowledge based on an independent and non-commercial platform, sustainably accelerating the wide adoption of standardized IEEE 1194.x test methods. GOEPEL electronics engages in providing 20 hardware kits free of charge and according reference designs for interested parties in the UK.

goJTAG is the first university-driven open-source project aiming at providing a full package for a JTAG/Boundary Scan newcomer including training materials, slides and exercises. The software includes a simulation component that fully reveals every single bit movement along the scan chains with a single TCK precision. The user can directly step-wise control TAP states and observe system's reaction in a real time as an on-screen simulation. Using PicoTAP controller, all actions can be synchronized on the hardware attached. Such a fine-grain illustration of JTAG/Boundary Scan test principles has never been possible so far.

“The number of new designs with most modern packaging technologies, high-speed signals, FPGA and high performance processors disproportionately increases and requires adequate test strategies. IEEE standardised test methods may offer important help, but a wide adoption requires respective know-how transfer as well as freely available training tools. That’s why we were immediately ready to engage within the frame of the goJTAG initiative“, says Frank Amm, chairman of the goJTAG project with GOEPEL electronic in Jena/Germany. “We see goJTAG as opportunity to popularise the research institutes‘ existing knowledge and service offers, and hence foster cooperations. Additionally, the open-source philosophy may be of great help to smooth the way for numerous new users and applications without future pressure to vendor specific migrations.”

The platform’s first open-source project goJTAG provides an IEEE 1149.1 training software that can be run in simulation mode as well as online mode. The tool enables the graphical display of Boundary Scan ICs in the respective mode, the visualisation of register states, pin toggling and the execution of SVF files without any qualitative limitations. The definition of networks is also possible. The source code written in JAVA™ is freely accessible and can be changed under the generally valid terms and conditions for open-source software.

In the online mode, the software can be utilised for individual projects. For this, GOEPEL electronics has developed a specific controller, which is also available as reference design to be ordered directly via www.gojtag.com.


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