Apr 23, 2013

Some common myths about teeth whitening

As you grow old, your teeth start appearing discolored, slightly light greyish or light yellowish. With time, it is quite normal for your teeth to get darker, especially if you intake too much caffeine, have some certain drinks or foods, or smoke tobacco. To get rid of such embarrassing stained and discolored appearance of teeth, people especially in Mississauga have started opting for the services for Teeth Whitening. The services can be availed either ways, by visiting a gentle dental clinic in Mississauga or by doing it yourself in the comfort zone of your home. As this particular odontic solution is gaining immense popularity, number of myths has also originated with the fame. Let's discuss some of the myths and debunk them.

Myth 1: All are same

The most common fable about the dental solution is that every treatment which is related to Teeth Whitening is same. Whereas the fact is, the service provided for this odontic cure by an expert dentist with effective gentle dental care in Mississauga are much efficacious than do it yourself methods. In fact, different treatments available in the market such as Zoom tooth whitening in Mississaugaoffer different strengths and results, thus no method is same at all.

Myth 2: Every tooth whiten equally

This is another most common myth. However in reality, the results of this dental cure vary from an individual to individual and in fact from tooth to tooth. Thus you may get little variation in Teeth Whitening results. Yellowish teeth respond better to the solution than the greyish ones. However, if you got yellowish teeth as a result of excess coffee or tobacco consumption, then you may get more dramatic results.

Myth 3: The more it costs, the better results it offer

It is a common belief that the most expensive Teeth Whitening treatment can only offer the effective and desired outcomes. While the reality is far away from this myth, if you choose to get the services at a gentle dental clinic in Oakvilleor Mississauga instead of using the whitening gels and strips you get superior results, indeed. You can ask your dentist to know which method and product will suit you the best.

Myth 4: It takes weeks to show the results

Although this myth is partially true as well. Actually there are chances that you may need to undergo weeks of treatment to get cured depending on your case severity and results you want. However there are also many patients get preferred outcomes within few hours of the procedure. The concept relies on the method you choose as well as on the discolored conditions of your teeth.

So, these are some of the common myths about the dental cure that you can also debunk in detail by discussing the same with your dentist. Furthermore, if you have some other dental problem such as improper bite or misaligned teeth then it is suggestible to ask your Invisalign dentist in Mississauga to know all facts about it prior to availing the services.


Having dental implant is not enough. It is equally important to opt for periodical dental checkups. Teeth whitening or bleaching is the easiest way of making teeth bright. However, this is a temporary solution. This can be made more effective with the right laser treatment process. You have nicely described some common myths about teeth whitening in your post. Thanks for sharing such informative post with us.

You are some were very much right about the teeth whitening myths, the result differ account to teeth condition you have I did some basic research as I will going for teeth whitening in Toronto from next week, hope I get my desired result, thanks for the additional information.

That is a great info to many people out their on facts of teeth whitening, when I went for my teeth whitening in London my dentist has informed about the recovery time and the result and also what I have to do to maintain my result,I think we should approach the right dentist to get the right job done.

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