May 25, 2013

3 Ways you need to Know When you Lost Windows 8 Password

"I lost my Windows 8 password, what to do?" This is question being asked thousands of times.

Lost Windows 8 login password can be a frequent occurrence. It really frustrates us like hell when we lost Windows 8 administrator password. In order to prevent it or remedy such a situation, we’d better know one trick or two about how to gain access to our computer when we lost Windows 8 administrator password. These tricks could in handy if you lost Windows 8 administrator password, etc. All 3 ways work perfectly to recover your password no matter you lost password to Windows 8 consumer preview/developer preview or official Windows 8/ Windows 8 pro/Windows RT.

Note: if you lost Windows user password, same steps can be applied.

Way 1: Use third-party Lost Windows 8 Password Recovery Software

Lost Windows 8 password recovery software is considered the easiest and most efficient way to recover lost password for Windows 8, a top utility should be lost Windows 8 Password Key, with which you able to get back your lost Windows 8 administrator password without no computer knowledge required. In this article, we’ll take lost Windows 8 administrator password as an example, all the steps are applicable to find lost Windows 8 user password, etc.

Here’s how to get back lost Windows 8 login password:

Step 1: Download Lost Windows 8 Password Key and run it on any accessible computer.

Step 2: Create Windows 8 password reset Disk with CD/DVD or USB flash drive, done burning, plug your newly created reset disk into locked computer.

Step 3: Set bios to boot your computer from Windows 8 password reset disk, and follow the steps as been shown in the following screenshot:

Step 4: Sign in without Windows 8 login password.

Way 2: Use Previously-created Windows 8 Password Reset Disk

To create a Windows 8 password reset disk in advance to get back lost Windows 8 login password is a built-in password reset wizard in Windows 8. To use this wizard, you need to create a Windows 8 password reset disk in advance. Here’s how:

Step 1: Click “Reset password” after it says Windows 8 password incorrect, try again,

Step 2: After the password reset wizard appears, insert your password reset disk, point it out.

Step 3: Type a new password, type it again to confirm, click “Next” and then hit “Finish”.

Way 3: Use Default Windows 8 Administrator Account

Each version of Windows since Windows XP has a default Windows administrator account that allows you to login with a blank password. In order to login in, you need to boot in Windows 8 safe mode because it’s disabled in normal mode. Here’s how:

Step 1: Press “Win+R” combination and enter “msconfig” in the run box, hit the enter button.

Step 2: Switch over to the boot tab, check “Safe boot”. Choose “Minimal”-normal safe mode, click “Okay” button and restart your computer.

If you want to cancel booting into safe mode, uncheck “Safe boot” and restart your computer.

However, for the sake of computer security, most people have changed the built-in administrator password.

Of all the 3 solutions mentioned above, lost Windows 8 password key is the ideal choice for you to access lost administrator password in Windows 8 under all circumstances. Choose them accordingly.


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