May 20, 2013

ADLINK Technology Debuts EOS-1220 GigE Embedded Vision System

ADLINK Technology introduced the EOS-1220 GigE Vision-compliant embedded vision system. The EOS-1220 features the 3rd generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processors, four independent PoE (power over Ethernet) ports, four RS-232/422/485 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, 32 PNP/NPN isolation digital I/Os, dual storage (two SATA interface and one CFAST slot), an internal USB port, and 1 kbit programmable EEPROM.

ADLINK EOS-1220 GigE Embedded Vision System Features
  • Compact and rugged system design
  • Embedded 3rd/2nd Generation Intel Core i5/i7 Quad Core processor
  • Up to 4-CH Gigabit PoE(power over Ethernet), 4.0 Gb/s
  • Supports smart PoE function, enabling easy power status programming
  • Support for two USB 3.0 ports, 32 PNP/NPN isolated DIO
  • Supports wall and DIN rail mounting (optional)
  • Internal USB port and 1Kbit EEPROM
  • RAID system (Dual SATA interface)
The EOS-1220 is full compatibility with GigE Vision cameras and supports smart PoE APIs. This enables remote switching of PoE status. The new ADLINK embedded vision system is ideal for multi-camera imaging applications such as 3D robot guidance.

The vision system reduces cabling requirements by up to 60%. In addition, the EOS-1220 further provides smart PoE APIs, allowing remote switching of PoE status. With this feature, camera power consumption is more easily monitored and controlled, stabilizing camera temperature and significantly extending system lifetime.

Driver support for the ADLINK EOS-1220 embedded vision system includes Windows 8/7/XP and Windows Embedded Standard 7, and File-Based Write Filter (FBWF).

More info: ADLINK EOS-1220 GigE Embedded Vision System (pdf)


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