May 13, 2013

Delock Adapter 8 port Serial to USB

I was looking a USB-to-Serial port to be used for personal project hoping that I can Googled around of quad port at least and here's what I have found an 8 port Serial-to-USB more than what I have expected.

Short Description

The USB to serial adapter enables you to connect 8 serial devices such as mice, modems, etc. to a free USB port of your PC or notebook.

  • Prolific chipset
  • USB 1.1 specification
  • 8 x RS232 serial port with DB9 connector
  • Connector with screw nuts
  • Cable length 15cm + 5cm> 2 x 5 cm / 15 cm / 25 cm / 37cm
  • Data transfer rate up to 115.2 Kb / s
System Requirements
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Linux Kernel 2.6
  • PC or notebook with a free USB port
Package Contents
  • Adapter cable
  • Driver CD
In case you may need additional info I got it from this link.


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