Jun 5, 2013

Alkaline Water, the Most Effective Healthy Habit

Why Alkaline?

Research has shown that diseases cannot live in an alkaline environment. Highly acidic diets common in current lifestyles are directly related to the excessive incidence of people suffering from allergies, weight issues, premature aging and far more serious diseases. Thus by increasing alkaline intake to balance pH, our bodies will be more resistant to health issues and better equipped for disease prevention.

To really achieve and maintain a healthy pH balance in your body, you need to take your entire diet and lifestyle into consideration, ensuring you mainly consume alkaline forming foods. This could seem a daunting task and is better achieved by making small changes over a period of time. However, drinking alkaline water is a simple first step you can take to get you started on your endeavor to gain a healthier lifestyle and prevent diseases.

Alkaline Water Benefits

The importance of drinking water is already well known and consuming at least 2L a day is already high on our to-do list for health. Given that the human body is 70% water, it makes sense then that drinking alkaline water is key to obtaining a healthy pH balance and a great starting point for an alkaline diet. Specifically, alkaline water is attributed to the following:
  1. High Antioxidant Power - We hear a lot about antioxidants and their ability to slow the aging process by counteracting free radicals. Free radicals enter the body quite naturally through environmental toxins found in food, water and air and they actually help the body to fight infections. However excess free radicals attack healthy cells by taking oxygen from them. Antioxidants contain surplus oxygen which is donated to free radicals thus preventing destruction of healthy cells. The antioxidants in alkaline water are especially useful as they are easily assimilated due to its liquid form.
  2. Aids Colon Cleansing - The intestines is where many health issues first arise, thus it's very important for overall health to cleanse toxins from the colon. Alkaline water is very effective in flushing out toxins and poisons which cling on to the intestine walls, generally with less side effects than from other detox programs.
  3. Detoxify and hydrate skin - Likewise, alkaline water is very effective in clearing the skin of unwanted toxins. When the skin is pH balanced, it is better able to absorb vital nutrients ensuring skin is rejuvenated and hydrated.
  4. Aids weight loss - Fat storage is associated to high acidity in the body. By alkalizing the body we can break down fatty cells and improve digestion resulting in weight loss. Alkaline water is especially effective as it is more readily absorbed than alkaline forming foods.
  5. Boost energy and fight fatigue - Fatigue is so common these days that it seems to be a normal part of life. But it's actually a side effect of too much acid in the body which dehydrates and tires the human body. Alkaline water with its high oxygen content and ability to detoxify, cleanse and hydrate naturally raises energy levels.
Sources of Alkaline Water

There are various sources available and it's probably best to experiment to find which is best for you.
  • Squeezing lemon into your water is the simplest way to alkalize water at home.
  • pH drops can be added directly to water.
  • A water ionizer stick can be submerged in water to increase alkalinity which is great when you're on the move.
  • Likewise, a portable water ionizer bottle is an excellent way to alkalize water when away from home.
  • An alkaline water ionizer which connects to your faucets provides the greatest range of alkaline and acidic water in the home. This allows for acidic water to sterilize and clean cooking equipment and wounds, and alkaline water for cooking and drinking.


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