Jun 3, 2013

School Banned all-girls lewd photo on Facebook

News broke this week of a girl banned from her graduation rites after posting a “lewd” photo on Facebook.

The all-girls Catholic school St. Theresa’s College in Cebu City imposed a “harsh sanction that [the student] cannot join the commencement exercises” after posting a photo of herself in a bikini on the social networking site. The school deems these photos “obscene” in a sanction filed by school principal Celeste Ma. Puerisma Pe. One of the rules of the exclusive school prohibits “posting and uploading (of) pictures on the internet that entail ample body exposure.”

The mother of the 16-year old girl has filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the school, saying her daughter has “suffered sleepless nights and (was) complled to bear hate against the school.” In her defense, the mother says the pictures were not lewd, and were taken in a private social activity not under the school’s supervision and control. A judge is set to release a ruling today (Thursday) whether the girl would be allowed to join the commencement ceremony and other school activities. [edit: the court has ruled that the student be allowed to attend the graduation rites]

This brings about the question — should schools have a say on what their students post on their personal online profiles? Watch the anchors of ANC’s Morning discuss their views on the topic, and comment below or in our forum with your thoughts on the issue.


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