Sep 20, 2013

Android’s Devices battery issues

Smartphones are instantly gaining fame among seasoned mobile gadget users and newbies alike. The near desktop PC speed plus the pocketable size has turned many heads to look into the promise of this new technology.

Android, furthermore, revolutionized the smartphone market by bringing in cheaper gadgets for the populace to enjoy and take advantage. Yet, one draw backs of having an Android smartphone (and tablet) is shortage of juice (power).

Most droid powered devices can run from a meager 1800maH battery or even less giving us a few trips to our wall outlets for another recharge just to make it through the day. This is what makes many people frown and sigh in disappointment. Even so, power shortage will most likely kill the deal and potential consumers will just keep the gold for the next best device.

Despite the mediocrity of the battery issue, many apps and methods can be employed into practice to keep up with the power requirements. Several battery saving apps can turn off unnecessary features on your smartphone and conserve all you can with just a few taps on the screen. Most of the time the cuplrits are Wi-Fi, mobile data and bluetooth connectivity eating up all the resources and turning them on demand is the best practice. Rooting (establsihing admin access) your gadget can help turn off stock apps that may be using up your phone’s battery.

Conclusively, battery power is a common issue among Android users. If you are thinking of delving into the world of Android, be ready to accept this flaw. Besides, there are more workarounds to address this surfacing matter.


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