Oct 5, 2013

USB Port 24CXX 25XX EEPROM BIOS Programmer TTL For XP WIN7 MX25L12805 W25Q128

These two (2) USB port 24CXX and 25XX Eeprom BIOS Programmer is identical in nature because they used the same Chips based on CH341 series but not on its physical appearance. These two flasher/programmer support the same type of Chips/IC likewise it provides pin header to be used as TLL and UART fro debricking residential gateway such as modems, routers and wireless access point (WAP). Support list of Chips/IC with different vendors/manufacturer this link.

These flasher/programmer also support MS Windows OS such as XP, Vista and 7. You can download the respective driver here, software SPI Tools here and for the tools here. This product can be found on eBay in case you wanted to see for additional details.


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