Jan 18, 2013

Likes vs retweets driving website visitors

In the absence of empirical data, websites typically provide equal prioritization to driving visitors to either retweet or like content. If you only have space for one option (such as in content listings), which one should you use? According to research compiled by Allyson Kapin at Frogloop, Facebook likes provide greater web traffic than retweets:
  • According to Mashable, Twitter received about 0.38 clicks per tweet, while Facebook received 3.31 clicks per engagement. In other words, Facebook “likes” gets almost 8.7x more clicks than a tweet. “But engagement activity has a short life on Facebook, with less than 20% of likes occurring after 24 hours,” said Vadim Lavrusik of Mashable.
  • Eventbrite users shared events on Facebook almost 4x more then they did on Twitter. Eventbrite says Facebook has greater reach with almost 600 million users and an emphasis on user’s inner circles of friends, family and colleagues. Editor’s Update: Eventbrite has a big blue FB pop blue button saying “Share this link on Facebook.” This is probably one of the main reasons why FB is shared 4x more then on Twitter.
  • Over the past six months, a typical tweet made up about $.80 in ticket sales on Eventbrite as compared to Facebook, which was about $1.34.
  • When Eventbrite users shared the event link on Facebook after they RSVP’d, ticket sales increased by about 20% per share compared to a pre-purchase share. “The findings apply broadly to all e-commerce businesses, because the foundations of e-commerce are shifting as the social graph becomes a meaningful influence in driving transactions,” said Tamara Mendelsohn, Eventbrite’s director of marketing and former senior analyst at Forrester Research.
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