Jan 18, 2014

TM ADSL RIGER DB120-WL Default Username Password

Telekom Malaysia (TM) has just released new Streamyx ADSL modem for the subscribers the RIGER DB120-WL, a cloned by RIGER acquired from China the leading mass production country. Below is a quick information about this residential gateway device, if you happen to have this ADSL modem router wireless access point then you are also like me who's looking for the default username and password.

Product description:

DB120-WL is a 4-port wireless ADSL Modem, which can provide access to the Internet on Broadband mode, plus 4-port switch function. It integrates functions of Wifi Access Point and ADSL Router. Downstream up to 8Mbps (ADSL) and 24Mbps (ADSL2+), upstream is 1Mbps, its 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN connectivity, integrated wireless AP and WAN interfaces provide users the flexibility of Internet connection. The equipment can be deployed in companies, hotels, cafes, airports, stations, financial institutions or at home.

This is the login page of the ADSL RIGER DB120-WL, the default username is tmadmin while the password is must be like this Adm@XXXX (XXXX last 4 digit of your modem mac address). 

Download Specification

Login : tmadmin
Password : Adm@XXXX

The last four (4) digit MAC address of your modem can be found at the back you the device. Hope this will help you people who are Streamyx users. Enjoy!

Please do not be surprised the RIGER DB120-WL has many cloned or being repainted by other suppliers.


Hi I am having issue with my tablet which I bought from china. It's VIDO mini One. The device is connected to wifi but sometime accessible and sometime unable to access to internet. Any setting I need to do on this Rigel router? This work well with my laptop and iPhone but not to my Chinese tablet.

@Chan Yun Loong :

You can try TKIP instead of AES for the authentication otherwise just use WEP, an alternative get the cheapest TP-Link TL-WR720N Wireless router RM40 at LowYat Plaza. Hope that will solved your issue.

Very Good Info We have it Here... I manage to reset my RIGER-DB-120WL modem with your tips !!! Cheersss... ^_^

hello.i have trouble to login to my modem provide from tm same model with ur articles.
i have try tmadmin pass adminB134 according to my last mac id.can u help me again ?

@ Din Chah:

There is a pin hole at the back of your router labeled RESET, insert a pin then press to Hard Reset it to the factory default then you can now use the username and password as mention above this article. Update me if done or undone.

download your modem config file and open it via notepad or similar you can see the list of the username in your tm riger adsl db120

Make sure you have cleared the cache of your browser, you have to wait the modem will initialized it will detect you DSL line start blinking and the lit become steady. of course you have to supply your username and password so that your internet will be connected again as usual.

Thanks for info... Really helped me out...

Hello! Can I change the password (Adm@XXXX)?

Hi. Sir. Can tell me how to set ddns domain name in ADSL RINGER DB 120W

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who know where can buy a new palam

Hello, Im having an issue with this router. After I reset it, there is no wifi signal. So I can't connect to enter the setup page.

Modal no ADSL_RIGER_ADM206_2
Admin password

Same as above

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