My name is Jonathan Delarama, when I was a little boy they used to call me Pakitong as my nick name, Pakitong its a Nursery rhyme it is also known to be a crab in the swamp. Pakitong Dot Com was created in the name of me and the emerging technology that I can not fit to write onto my daily scrap diary. Thus, I digitized it on this blog the knowledge I have scouted.

Pakitong is an IT enthusiast who is intrigued by the ever changing technological world. Equipped with his inquisitive mind, IT knowledge and education in Communication Engineering (graduated at the University of the Philippines), he explores new technologies and see how can it be used in his daily life (personal and work).

He is currently a Network Admin at work, dealing with technologies related to his field area of expertise – networking infrastructure, server virtualization, diskless machine, desktop/application virtualization. He aims to set the foundation right for the future project teams implementing capabilities in his career development.

When he has time to slack, he explores new technology toys – networking, mobile, circuitry and write reviews on them. He believes that through reviews, he explores every nook and cranny of the device. At times, he write guides to help others maximise the potential of their devices.

He loves opensource as his core operating system, Zorin is his favorite desktop flavor and Debian is for his server machine. He likes Kali and BackTrack for penetration testing.


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