Feb 16, 2013

Huawei BM622i and BM622m Comparison

If you take a look the physical appearance of screenshot above it looks like no differences, from left is Huawei model BM622m while on the right side is model BM622i. From the rear both have same ports such as the RJ45 LAN, POTS for VoIP Telephone, SMA connector for external antenna, likewise the DC power supply and also the pin hole for the reset button are identical.

Looking at the front view there has no big change, from down indicator is POTS LEDs for VoIP followed by LAN, Power and the WiMAX five lit signal strength status.

The internal side of Huawei model BM622m has really big difference with regards to board and the layout, flash memory is also different to the BM622i CPE. As you can see from above, below is the BM622i internal boards and layout.

It only proves that Huawei BM622m and BM622i are far not identical to each other with regards to their hardware such as CPU, Flash Memory including the WAN chips, maybe because old version of  Huawei BM622 has very poor in terms of security issue.


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