Apr 22, 2013

How To Choose A Great Website Domain Name

It's true that your website is characterized by your website domain name. If you're using your website to promote sales, or your business, it's important that you spend a little time thinking of a great domain name. It really helps that the domain name you choose is unique, but it is possible to include the names or references to a product or service. Also common is to use a site that is similar to what you'd like to do for yourself - this is fine, as long as you don't directly copy or plagiarize the example site.

Here are some useful tips that I've used over the years that can help you find a great domain name.

Easily Remembered
A good domain name is one that is easily remembered. If your name is one that stands out from others in your particular business, then people will be more likely to remember you and your site. Some examples are catchy phrases, "odd" - meaning "interesting" spelling, and popular phrases. Most website domain name with "how to" in front is extremely popular these days.

Short & Sweet
A good domain is a short one. Once again, any name that's easy to remember is a plus - and, usually, a shorter name is more easily remembered. Spelling your domain is a huge issue - generally, a shorter domain is more likely to be spelled correctly , as it requires fewer characters. Less chances for mistakes. It's a fact - longer names are more likely to be spelled incorrectly. Here's a hint: your competitors may be looking to take advantage of mis-spelled domains by owning some common mis-spellings of your name!

Appropriate to Your Business
How appropriate is your website domain name to your business - either in name or by the type of business you are involved in? It's good that your name be descriptive of your business, or services you offer. It can be considered a sign of professionalism when your domain is well-matched with your business. Also, like in advertising, consistency counts.

Even though this aspect is somewhat difficult to accomplish, those whose domains offer a good description of the business (or service) often are more successful. Successful means better search engine rankings, and better targeting of your particular niche or area of expertise.

Choosing a great website domain name doesn't have to be difficult, and it certainly isn't rocket science. Like most things in life, thoughtfulness and careful action can contribute to business success!


Nice share. Before choosing a domain names i used to consider some factors given below:
1) Domain names should be unique and always choose short domain name.
2) Don't use hyphens and numbers in your domain name.
3) Choose the name that should be relevant with the content of your website for (e.g)if your website is about beauty equipments like makeup kits, cosmetics etc... you can choose your domain name as Beautyqn.com and so on.
4) While choosing domain extension try to get the domain names in .com or .net or .org.
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