Apr 24, 2013

How-To Remove Dark Spots On The Face

You can end up having so many marks on the face such that it becomes an array of colors. Dark spots are a feature likely seen in elderly people, usually above the age of forty years. However, those who are younger should not sit pretty since the condition has been noted in a number of young people in their twenties. This condition occurs due to a variety of reasons. The major reason is over exposure to the sun. Other factors can come into play in this situation including such mundane things as stress and diet. The good news is that these spots could be eradicated completely using several methods.

The options of treatment are countless, although you might have to spend a fortune in some of the advanced treatment options. If you are hard pressed for cash, do not worry because the affordable options are just as effective. The large bulk of remedies in the cheap category consist of home made cures and herbal alternatives. One item to put on that list is garlic.

When you think of home remedies, you may assume that such treatments are ineffective, but they are actually in great demand by many people. As mentioned earlier, garlic (a readily available substance) can do wonders for your skin. Make a paste by grinding the cloves or get the juice from it by sieving it using a cheese cloth. Apply it directly on the skin and repeat daily as many times as necessary until you see positive results.

The ultra violet rays from the sun are the major culprits in causing blemishes on your skin. A good sun screen is therefore not negotiable if you seek to avoid dark marks all over your face. While indoors, however, you can do without the sunscreen.

Aloe Vera is a natural product that provides a very effective remedy in clearing blemishes on the skin. This product is available in form of lotions and creams which serve to restore an even tone.

We are always urged to eat large portions of fruits on a daily basis. These vitamin filled products can also work well as topical applications on the skin. This includes such fruits as lemons and bananas.

Apple vinegar and ginger mixed together to form a thick paste could be applied on the skin as a lightener. This application also serves to unclog the pores through exfoliation, which helps to prevent the occurrence of blackheads and whiteheads.


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