May 6, 2013

Avoid Websites That Look Like Electronic Brochures

As web companies find the internet more and more competitive, it will be a necessity and not a luxury to have a well-built, functional website that can provide dependable service to all potential customers and internet visitors. With so much competition for selling on this electronic medium, it would be easy to inadvertently lose potential sales - which leaves no room for digital mistakes.

Unfortunately, companies often fail to realize that a nice looking website must offer much more valuable information and opportunity than a sales brochure and that anything even remotely like a brochure will work against adding more clients. A business with a recognizable brand that is looking to increase revenue and profitability must provide more than just an electronic sales leaflet in order to attract and keep customers.

Main Website Purposes

To better cater to visitors and potential customers, it is vital to a successful operation to realize that there are three main points that a website must offer in order to achieve such success.

Provide what visitors are looking for, whether it be a product, a service, or information.
Provide enough informative content to give details about available products or services as well as answer any questions a user might have about that information.

Provide easy direction for a user to follow to conclude a visit, either by purchasing a product or service or by supplying desired information.

Trying to fulfill all of the above listed items as quickly as possible with little interruption or difficulty is the key to internet business success. When a company is unable to efficiently provide the above, that action can cause a website to fall short of its goal to be helpful and promote sales conversions.

Avoid Unnecessary Content and Clutter

A company's internet presence has the difficult task of rapidly capturing a viewer's attention and holding it long enough for that visitor to become immersed in the website's content and want to conclude some type of transaction. There must be quality content and easy navigation outward from the home page. Unnecessary content just clutters up a page, adds confusion, and wastes otherwise useable space.

Websites should be scaled down to include only the most necessary content. Splash pages and other such effects that distract from the main message should also be avoided as users want to quickly find what they were looking for and not waste time trying to avoid distractions.

Provide Useful Content and Direction

The best way to make a website user-friendly and increase visitor attention is to offer simple navigation, useful headlines, and necessary content written in easy to understand language. At no point should a potential customer be more than two to three clicks away from what is wanted. The layout should be consistent on each page and an obvious call to action should be furnished to prevent confusion.

It is important to always provide enough information with products or services so that customers can make informed buying decisions. Lack of helpful product information is an invitation for users to look for that product or service elsewhere on a competing website. The ideal design should offer users easy access to understandable product data pages to allow for a confident purchasing choice. It is imperative that this be done in order to have a successful and profitable internet business.

Websites that offer the important elements mentioned above should help a company expand its internet horizon. Businesses that experience increasing internet traffic without increasing sales should re-evaluate all provided content and its usability. Clear directions that provide everything users need to successfully purchase a product right at their fingertips will be much more successful than an antiquated electronic brochure!


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