Jun 10, 2013

Magniwork Free Energy Generator - Does It Really Work?

The Magniwork free energy generator - you have heard of it but are wondering if it can really be true: can this device really deliver a minimum of 7 kilowatts and easily power your home and all your energy needs? Or is this just the stuff of fantasy? In this article, I will tell you exactly how this generator works and why you should be making your own Magniwork device.

The Suppression Of Zero Point Energy

The generator is based on a concept in physics known as zero point energy. Others also refer to this concept as "over unity".

Regardless, zero point is a concept that has long been known about but only a few have developed it into a workable technology.

The single largest reason for the slow progress until recently has been the incredibly pressure from energy and oil companies, lobbyists, governments and other vested interests to suppress this technology.

You see, these companies do not see solar power or wind power as a threat because they can cost a lot to install and do not generate much energy. But they do see zero point as a major threat to their profits.

Also, governments have long been developing this technology in secret, for military use. It suits them to decry this technology as unworkable while at the same time working on it in secret. These secret government programs have been exposed by investigative journalists.

The most famous of these is highly credible: Nick Cook, former Aviation Editor of the world-renowned defence journal, "Jane's Defence Weekly" and regular contributor to the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal, is widely considered to be an expert on military "black projects". His investigative work revealed that many governments are using zero point concepts to try to produce anti-gravity propulsion. Such a use of this technology would give instant air superiority to the world government that can perfect it first.

Thousands Running Their Own Generators

For many decades, only a few DIY pioneers were able to make their own working prototypes of free energy generators. Thanks to the proliferation of the internet and social media, these people are now able to showcase their prototypes to the world, without fear of retribution.

There are several companies selling their working generator plans. Magniwork is just one of them but the current market leader. These plans allow anyone to construct and run their own generators which is currently the only option available unless you are willing to wait 5 years for the first consumer models to come to market. Many people are understandable not prepared to wait that long.


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