Jul 5, 2013

Understanding Dental Implant Insurance

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a type of fixed prosthesis, wherein a titanium screw is fitted into the jawbone, followed by the placement of a prosthesis over it.

Dental implants are a much sought after treatment option for missing teeth and loose dentures. Considered by most dentists as a near permanent solution for missing teeth and a great way of restoring a patient's dental health, dental implant treatment is highly recommended, especially for cases where there are only a few missing teeth in an otherwise healthy mouth. This may occur when a few selected teeth have been traumatized due to an accident or a sudden impact driven blow.

However, dental implants average cost is one of the main factors that often give patients sleepless nights. Low cost dental implants are still far away from becoming a reality, as dental implant procedures are a relatively costly affair and hence, people often look for dental implant insurance options. Dental implant insurance includes insurance policies that cover the cost of dental implant procedures. This includes dental implant bone grafting and various other surgeries that may also be performed before or after the procedure, depending on the condition of the patient's oral cavity.

Why is Dental Implant Insurance Difficult to Come by?

Most insurance companies do provide dental insurance, but dental implant insurance is rarely included in regular policies. If a person wishes to avail dental implant insurance, it may cost him a lot more than what he would otherwise pay for regular dental insurance. This is because dental implant treatment is looked upon as a luxury treatment option, which they club under cosmetic surgery and hence, do not cover it. It is a proper surgical procedure, wherein the inherent costs, like, cost of the implant screws, the prosthesis, the bone graft material that may be used, itself could go up to a few thousand dollars. Furthermore, when the dentists charges and laboratory charges are added, the overall treatment cost shoots up considerably. Thus, most dental insurance companies prefer to cover treatment charges for other simpler options for missing teeth like removable prosthesis or dental bridges.

In most insurance companies, even if there is dental implant insurance coverage, they have a very long waiting period. A person normally needs to be on the dental implant insurance policy for at least a year before any treatment can be done. Also, they normally have a condition that if there are missing teeth present before or at the time of signing of the contract, the insurance company does not pay for its treatment. But, there may be certain policies that offer a discount on dental implant procedures, even if they don't cover the expenses involved in the entire procedure. There are also certain implantologists that have tie-ups, which may help in getting a good deal.

However, if a person avails dental implant insurance, he should read the policy in details to check for certain important things. One should know that in case of any dental implant failure causes, whether the insurance company will cover the cost or not, or if the prosthesis is damaged, will the costs be covered for a replacement of the prosthesis. Also, one should check if the policy would cover pre and post operative surgeries that may be required for proper and complete implant treatment, and any other dental implants problems that may occur due to any complication.


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