Sep 21, 2013

BPI Now On Cardless Transaction

BPI Recently launched Cardless Transactions! Now, anybody can make ATM deposits to any BPI account through selected BPI ATMs even without the ATM. The same goes with bills payment.

BPI Cardless deposit and bills payment

BPI Express Teller Cardless Deposit / Bills Payment

Now you don’t have to rush to a BPI branch or spend your time waiting in line.

Because you can do Cardless Deposit / Bills Payment through any of over 400 Express Teller Machines nationwide – 24/7!

It’s so Easy! Just go to a BPI Express Teller machine with the “Cardless” sign.

Available Deposit: Current Account, Savings Account, ECash

Available Bills Payments:
  • BPI Credit card
  • BPI Family Bank Loan
  • BPI MS
  • Globe Telecoms
  • Manila Water
  • Destiny Cable
  • Smart
  • Manulife Financial
  • Manulife Insurance
  • Digitel
  • Ayala Life
  • Ayala Plans
This is a good service! It’s a new way of receiving deposits. For example, merchants can receive their payments via BPI ATM — their buyers don’t need to do over-the-counter deposits. (Although G-Cash is the more popular and defunct payment method).

The obvious plus side of this service is the convenience of being able to make payments at more than 400 ATMs around the Philippines (anytime!). The lines are shorter than having to wait for over-the-counter transactions.

The downside, though, is the delay before the deposit or payment is reflected. Payments will be recorded on the next banking day when the bank officers open up the ATM. There’s an alternative real-time deposit facility — but that one needs the ATM card. That’s another article.

Last week, I did a cardless deposit of P100 just to try out the service. The transaction starts with pressing Enter (I discovered this by trial-and-error).

I later encountered “transaction cancelled” twice. Ah, user problem! I was keying-in the amount instead of what the machine was asking for: the account number. Just read the instructions on the screen and you should be fine. A good addition, by the way, is that the machine asks for your contact number – so that the bank can contact you in case there’s a concern with your deposit.

For inquiries, Contact BPI Express Phone at 89-100 or log on to


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