Sep 10, 2013

Smart MyBro Green Packet DX ‘Tower’ and UH ‘Shuttle’ : Stylish Design and Best-in-Class Performance

Green Packet to carries a complete range of award-winning WiMAX modems, offering best-in-class performance and quality to ensure users are always best connected !

Green Packet recently unveiled DX ‘Tower’ WiMAX/WiFi router and UH ‘Shuttle’ WiMAX USB modem which showcased at Booth 29, WiMAX Forum Congress Americas, from 2 – 3 December 2009.

‘Tower’ symbolizes power, communication and strength. ‘Shuttle’ represents exploration, discovery and cutting edge technology at its best.

As you can see booth modems are stylish product design, vivid green color and without loosing the performance.

DX ‘Tower’

DX ‘Tower’ is a WiMAX/WiFi router which more advanced than its predecessor Green Packet DV-230. You don’t have to plug additional USB Adaptor anymore to share WiMAX connection through WiFi to multiple users.

Green Packet hide DX ‘Tower’s Dual Omni antenna nicely but still get 5dBi Antenna Gain which boasts up to 20Mbps throughput.

DX ‘Tower’ equipped with 2 LAN ports (RJ-45), 2 VoIP ports (RJ-11) and support for phone and fax transmission over IP network

Green Packet DX ‘Tower’ are available for 2.3GHz (DX230), 2.5GHz (DX250) and 3.5GHz (DX350).

You can download DX ‘Tower’ Flyer (PDF)

UH ‘Shuttle’

UH ‘Shuttle’ is a WiMAX USB modem with fixed and nomadic capability. Green Packet boasts it’s the world’s first high gain USB modem supporting both fixed and nomadic WiMAX.

Also it has Suction Cup to hang in to window or wall for better in door coverage and also 5 meter USB cable which long enough to sitting away from the window without loosing WiMAX signal.

UH ‘Shuttle’ also has Dual Omni antenna (1Tx,2Rx) with 5dBi Antenna Gain which boasts up to 30Mbps throughput.

Green Packet UH ‘Shuttle’ are available for 2.3GHz (UH235) and 3.5GHz (UH350).

You can download UH ‘Shuttle’ Flyer (PDF)

Both DX ‘Tower’ and UH ‘Shuttle’ apparently use MediaTek WiMAX SoC (System-on-a-chip).

Green Packet plans to market DX ‘Tower’ and UH ‘Shuttle’ in Asia, MEA and Europe. In Asia definitely for P1 WiMAX Malaysia.


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