May 7, 2012

Wimax Scavenger Scraper v.1.2

Here's the latest Wimax Scavenger Scraper v.1.2 by Mr.MacAddress this is a Stable Version.

How to used?
1. You need an Access to a provider network in short a working Wimax. Used the IP address of the working Wimax and Scan on IP Scavenger

2. After pinging all IP Used the Mac Scraper

3. Change working Mac from the list on Mac Changer. Your can Export MAC by Right CLICK . All Scrap MAC are Save on NOTEPAD

4. Right Click "send to Mac Suggest.

5. Mr. Mac Suggest is a calculated MAC from the Original MAC of the Legit User this is a great tool you don't need to calculated it on a scientific calculator. Choose Common method (- +) 460 HEX or Mr. MacAddress method. This way your sure that you are only the one using the mac. Open the VBS script to Auto Change MAC and auto Reboot after Changing MAC.

6. It should open like this one Windows Telnet. {makers}

NOTE: In Windows 7 Telnet is disabled by default and you need to enable it.


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