Jan 26, 2013

Back Pain Breast Cancer

Breast cancer pain can be caused by referred pain from the cancer itself, or an unrelated back problem such as a back injury. Nevertheless effective treatment for the back pain and the cancer can be achieved despite not necessarily knowing the precise cause.

Cancer pain relief treatment

You can treat your back pain using the home use Russian scenar this will give you fast and effective pain relief. You can also use back pain exercises on this link.

The importance of diet in breast cancer

If you eat predominately acidic foods and drinks then acid deposition in your back muscles and in between your vertebrae can cause inflammation and pain. So adopt an alkaline diet to neutralise damaging acid build up. Acid build up in your breast tissue and elsewhere in the body damages cells, weakening the cell Walls so cancer causing bacteria can enter the cells causing breast cancer and secondary cancers.

If you have breast cancer then it is important to follow the plant based diet recommended in the China Study. This study is the most extensive study on the effect of nutrition on diseases such as cancer ever undertaken you can order the book from Amazon on the following link. Another important book is the ph Miracle by Dr Young this gives lots of good advise on alkalising your system in order to combat disease including cancer. You can buy these books from amazon on the image links below left.

Stress causing back pain

Stress can cause back pain, so check out the chest pain stress page and follow the guidelines which include breathing meditation which is an effective antidote to stress and has strong pain killing effects. Using the scenar and reducing stress can also be an important part of your programme to help you recover from breast cancer.


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