Jan 31, 2013

Controlling the Cholesterol levels

Cholesterol is the problem of Blood Pressure. With the increase in Blood pressure the cholesterol level also increases which enables Heart to function properly. Cholesterol means accumulation of fat around all the cells and slows the functioning of Heart.

In this problem the Blood cannot function properly as the flow of the Blood remains unsteady. This also stops the flow of blood to certain areas and then gives certain abnormalities regarding proper functioning. Cholesterol is in the form of waxy fat substance which sticks to the cells and tissues. Cholesterol level is an important part of development as it helps to develop Hormones and other vitamins. Our body makes cholesterol naturally but certain food items also supply good amount of Cholesterol.

Cholesterol can be of 2 types like LDL which is Low density lipoproteins and HDL which is High Density Lipoproteins. While among these LDL is bad cholesterol which affects the Heart. Increase in LDL May causes Arteries Blockages and then makes the Body persistently abnormal. This is the root cause of difficulty in breathing also where waxy layer covers the Lungs and other respiratory parts.

While HDL is known as Good cholesterol as it is responsible to carry all Cholesterol of the body to the liver where it is then filtered and removed from the body. So, a right amount of cholesterol level is very much important in order to maintain Heart and other body parts.

But today almost everybody is suffering from the uneven level of the Cholesterol which is the main reason of Heart attacks. Due to this the blood stream contains more of Cholesterol and it becomes difficult to perform the functions. But persistent increase in the level of Cholesterol cause Coronary Heart diseases.

Once the person is aware of how Cholesterol can be Controlled and found it high it becomes urgently required to maintain and lower this level. One should follow proper regime which includes proper physical activities. This is important as it helps to break down the Cholesterol into proteins which is then used by cells. Cholesterol is the fat which is necessary to perform certain functions but once it started accumulating n the body it causes blockages.

Cholesterol can be controlled when one should have good and healthy diet. Diet should include proper amount of proteins, Carbohydrates, vitamins levels etc. Oil and processed stuffs should be avoided as it adds layer in the cells. The intake of fruits and vegetables and cereals are the only way to deal with Cholesterol levels. Avoid too fatty products like Fish, eggs; nuts for sometimes as it increase the level of LDL.

Proper Sleep is also important as increases the process of digestion and helps in easily assimilation of the cells and other body functions. Maintaining Body weight is another factor which is very important for a healthy body. Body weight should be according to the age and height, and if continuous increase in weight is noticed then do check the cholesterol levels.


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