Jan 30, 2013

Linksys EA3500 N750 Dual Band Giga Router

Ominous sounds of the full name of the object, but let us call it simply EA3500 Linksys router. With two-channel Wi-Fi, 1 Gbps LAN, USB support, and compatibility with Android phones planšetėmis.

I loved the minimalist, solid design of the device. Most importantly, no nonsense: antenėlių wobbling and flashing lights ...

Just a nice and simple box. Unfortunately, without being able to hang under the table or on the wall. Perhaps the producers specifically wanted this box would hold only on a desk or computer. Fortunately, there is nothing in the uncorrected one green paperclip.

All detectors are hidden in the tangles. It seems so much more professional and is much easier to use, because once you see that cables and connections are secure.

Anything with a Linksys EA3500 is extremely simplified. Couple step installation instructions are probably understood even orangutans.

If you lose this disk, a small problem, because for the first time just opening a web browser, you'll find exactly the same. I think Linksys really completely taken care of everything that everyone be able to connect the new router to create a home network and connect to it himself.

Cisco Connect gadget allows effortless control of key router functions: view and manage connected computers, to change the wireless network passwords and manage connected USB drive / flash drive, set limits for children or parents to restrict internet traffic. (:

Exactly the same features can be achieved even from your mobile phone or tablets with Cisco Express for iPhone / Android gadget.

Of course, there are the standard web user interface professionals to its already įpratusiems or just want to achieve all the detailed settings. Recent lacking such.: Can block specific sites for a specific computer on the Internet to activate only a specified period of time, limit Internet traffic.

Moreover, the Linksys EA3500 is a dual-band router'is. What do you imagine as two router in one box. So you can simultaneously use two computers connected to WiFi, which does not preclude one another. Or you can to one Wi-Fi channel to connect the game console to send and leave the games, while the other channel connection to your computer and remain free browsing speed.

Linksys has yet exceptionally high-quality Wi-Fi network . All home laptop and the phone displays the maximum signal strength 5/5 divisions. In comparison with previously used in the TP-Link WR1043ND WiFi connection in the kitchen still was not ...

WiFi connection depends not only on the router, but also used a computer or phone, in addition to existing wireless networks. On average, my Toshiba R630 laptop, game console wireless connection to one channel of 35-40Mbps speed. Using a high quality WiFi N network card or USB adapter, you can achieve a maximum speed of 80mbps and 70mbps in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels.

Linksys cable EA3500 can develop high as 220 Mbps speed. Most importantly, the reach not only continue, but in practice such.: Sending a torrent's. Even I liked that router'is become stuck, do not break even over a long period of use, so it does not need constant perkrovinėti.

Supports 1Gbps network, so the computer can send data cable impressive 110MB / s (~ 880Mbps) speeds. This, like copying files on the local disk. Within minutes you can transfer the entire 7GB movie.

Even the Linksys EA3500 can connect a USB drive or flash memory, you will be able to achieve as a network drive, stream'inti video. Or even make a home FTP server, accessible via the Internet. The only problem is relatively limited USB 2.0 speeds of up to 27MB / s (~ 210 Mbps).

I had to try a number of routers. So far the favorite Linksys WRT160NL , but the emergence of Gigabit router'iams, it changed the TP-Link WR1043ND. Only then I realized how old Linksys was better because it just worked, and D-Link jam lūždavo, lost wireless connection ... Fortunately, for the month using the new Linksys EA3500, which is easy to forget, because he just always does the job and does not problems. Wi-Fi in all five divisions of the house five torrent downloading at maximum speed, sticking and fractures have remained only TPLINK memories.

There are also gigabit network that files between computers allows you to copy an instant. Liked the two-channel Wi-Fi, with one channel connected a game console, it sends games, and you can navigate to the peaceful second channel with a laptop comp. Even more, this should appeal to those who often share with others online. Like the parents who want to limit Internet time or achievement of some sites. Especially when doing so as the entire router to start using is very simple. So far, 220 Mbps is probably enough existing Internet plans for the future with the DD-WRT firmware and 800Mhz processor, 64 MB of RAM should be easy for the rate increase 2-3 times.

I found only a couple of drawbacks: router'is not adapted for hanging on the wall (the one just resolved a paper clip to help), the standard firmware from Cisco router'io On užsikrauna only in ~ 40s. Maybe the second problem a little funny, because today's Windows 8 PC užsikrauna within five seconds, and then another half a minute to wait for the Internet ...


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