Jan 31, 2013

Natural Treatment For Peptic Ulcer

Excess acids in mucous membrane walls leads to natural peptic ulcer. Digestion in the stomach is facilitated by the acids that is they must be present in small intestines for digestion of food to go on. The ulceration results when no food is available in the stomach for digestion process. Acids react on the walls because they cannot find any food materials to act on.

Previously, many people used to believe that ulceration was caused by too much drinking of alcohol, eating bad foods, getting very stresses to an extend of being depressed, smoking and taking drinks that have caffeine in them. Ulceration literate doctors have discovered that the sickness is caused by a bacterium. But the previously mentioned causes are not only causes but also stimulate the bacteria to be more active.

The bacteria is called H.pylori and is not bad until it disrupts the walls of the small intestines. It only does this if and only if there is no food in the stomach for the acids to act upon. Doctors say that it is easy for someone to catch the disease from another person. This may happen either through sharing foods and drinks from the same vessel or by kissing.

Stomach paining is one of the signs and symptoms. There is uncontrolled burning pain in stomach especially when one is hungry. It is a feeling of severe burning or severe irritation as the acid wears off the walls of mucous membrane. The patient normally feels very uncomfortable. These stomach pains are reduced by taking a lot of milk and eating spices free foods.

Another symptom may be intestinal bleeding which happens in the inside of the small intestines. If there is no keen examination carried out, then it may be impossible to notice the bleeding. But if the bleeding is a lot, it may be noticed through the victim's stool or vomit. Anemia accompanied with body weakness eventually results if ulceration continues. Especially if the victim is bleeding internally.

Antacids are the most common cure for ulceration. They are not total cure though as are used to only relief pain and make the patient feel a lot more better. Natural ways of treating this disease include, avoiding stressful thoughts, gentle exercising and eating a well balanced diet with no spicy ingredients. Patients must also keep on having meals in small quantities to avoid keeping the stomach idle.

Surgical treatment is recommended only for cases that have become extreme. If one is having too much discomfort to eat or do anything, it only means that they are suffering from stomach cancer or even worse. Worse case scenarios include one suffering from anemia from much bleeding, which is also called hemorrhage, obstruction and perforations.

Doctors advise patients to take a lot of water as it helps in neutralizing the excess pain with natural peptic ulcer. Water therapy is the best natural treatment for this kind of ulceration. As one may lose appetite, water helps in keeping something inside the stomach to avoid irritation of the walls.


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