Jan 30, 2013

Sony Alpha NEX-7 Snap Review

Sony NEX-7 with E-mount 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OSS Lens

The lens is the same as the existing NEX Series Bundles. If you think color has a different reason for the NEX-7 Premium degree d. Well, nothing more than the same non-'s lens bundle. NEX-7 and is coated with black color is matched neatly.

NEX-7 with the newly released 24mm Carl Zeiss lens

E-mount 24mm F1.8 ZA lens. Bright wide-angle lens 1.8 aperture Joe. Closeup performance combines scenery to match the focal length lenses, but also very short 16cm to Coveted formidable guy, but prices do not. Zeiss lenses only 1,398,000. The price of a decent DSLR junggeupgi're sangoe. Think of Sony's stubborn reason, plus a premium of one price and Zeiss. No doubt still a very popular lens.

NEX-7's biggest advantages is one of the 2,430-megapixel APS-C type CMOS sensors.

2,430 megapixel DSLR spread period, junggeupgi gogeupgi Throughout the entire product belonging to the top-most among high-performance products. 24.3 million pixels pixels greater with the performance of the pixel to accept the processing power of the processor is very excellent.

Over the past four years, the Sony Alpha users as a850, a200 a330, a550 a700 series from across recently that a55, a77 Sony's technological advances continue to allow interest has seen. Almost certainly have been particularly innovative baljyeon just Sony's BIONZ image processing engine. Through this event, can not be longer problem that were pointed out as the biggest problem in the past, noise processing neungyeok can see that there is a remarkable development in the transition regions were.
Py] [used Sony NEX-7 expected reason!

Yeouido invited to Sony headquarters last Thursday. Invitation HAPPENED Annex 7. This invitation personally wait for too long haeteotgo wondering because I had a strong mind, let all the pros and cons of 'NEX-7 Elect'.

Personally of that model was the performance characteristics of the lens group and AF start, performance, and three dials (Sony TRINAVI called 're. operability) tilt LCD dial and aperture ring movement of stiff joints, such as a detailed saw

As a result, expectations regarding product led to complacency as the purchase was convinced be able to secure after a long time my way was to welcome the jireumsin

ps. Day shooting product photos only approximately 180 chapters is about. NEX-7 and some of the contributions to the preparation and design, including external characteristics from internal performance through a variety of reviews to let me introduce as well as released so far because the newly released flagship mirrorless NEX-7 than on Tuned in with interest.
Sony Alpha on the NEX-7 body


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