Jan 30, 2013

Sony Mirror-less DSLR and NEX-6 Comparison

Personally for many years using optical devices such as cameras, camcorders come true, a lot of the evolution gyeokeot. Jireumsinreul may receive equipment often say, and have toured several brands to find the product that's right for me.

Father. Production in the 1980s, the mechanical film camera Pentax ME super favorite meddle.

Father gave it the first camera I used is a Pentax ME super. production in the 1980s as a model was more popular among the mechanical film camera flagship. I'm received very innovative at that time the lighter evaluation as a 445g weight.

Heard in my hand right now and the last film prints hanji 10 It's been more than a year will continue to cherish. Filled with precious memories of our family, beyond the value of the product because

Time S's the nation's first digital camera, digital camera memory cards are used instead of the flowing film was released have to purchase the product without hesitation. The 30-megapixel low-quality 'digital camera' to say the product was shameful memories have been used quite handy.

Was used as a flagship product for Sony and Canon brand through various new models to be released whenever the product of the two brands were handled in earnest. Here's the body of Some of the memorable two manufacturers' products on my blog, it's a lot of reasons. cabin each company's full-frame body with Sony's Alpha 900, 850, and junggeupgi a700 a77 applied the latest technology and swivel LCD remains in memory.

Now, of course, all the stories of the past. Described above, the value of the product has dropped, but was changed because the pattern of the camera, I'm dealing with . Mean with the release of the mirrorless camera high portability.

Tiny body is mounted on Micro Four Thirds or APS-C type sensor featured in the mirror for each manufacturer, Sony's NEX series, Samsung NX10, Olympus PEN lease was released and sparked a fire.

The biggest advantage of mirror-less DSLR with similar specifications to the products of small and light-weight sensors were mounted. It's very attractive. direct purchase of the product of a few species that were satisfactory quality DSLR secondary sub was able to take advantage of the body. Like me in this time it's just 2-3 years ago. Maine serve as a mirror DSLR, the user to select a lease very often.

Sony NEX-7 DSLR to replace the only mirror in the lease he was thinking.

Used to separate main and sub camera flow around the time of year or so after new concerns have been left out. Maybe you'll have to worry a lot like me ....

'Mirror lease ever DSLR to replace?' Was a worry.

Disposal have been distressed immediately after you were using a full-frame body. Sony a850 with Carl Zeiss 24-70mm standard zoom lens, 70-200mm telephoto zoom lens, single lens of the few unwilling disposal meddle level DSLR to replace the mirror of the lease has been released.

NEX-7 and so much resembled, flagship mirrorless camera NEX-6 release

NEX-6 is the successor to the NEX-7 that was released a year ago, the features and performance of the flagship mirror-less cameras. Right now I have two models at the same time use indeyo Can evaluate both products is great work so hard to hide the superiority As three kinds of differences between DSLR and mirrorless NEX-6's from now on, let's sum up the compression.

NEX-6 from Chapter autocamping cheondeungsan is shooting a movie

1) spread DSLR vs Sony NEX-5 mirrorless camera

Of the same size and the DSLR sensor is mounted . APS-C type sensor as a crop body, typically called the sensor mounted on Sony NEX-6 junggeupgi is the size of the sensor, the same sensor mounted on the fuel's DSLR. Adoption of larger than existing compact camera sensor can express beautiful depth and vivid picture quality is because one of the important reasons to use a DSLR. Body is very small, but equipped with the same sensor, the quality and depth can be expressed as.

2) mirror-less operation of the NEX-6 level junggeupgi

Degree of specification junggeupgi DSLR as far as personal experience with a variety of Sony products until now award NEX-6 applied to the button . Placed in the body to a variety of external buttons enables quick and fast operation and burned. Two separately manipulated dial (top + rear) because in addition to the mode dial is newly applied can conveniently change the aperture or exposure various buttons such as the AEL button and video recording buttons, and strobe settings, brightness, ISO, speakers set to the outside are placed.

Here in addition to that, the NEX-7 and NEX-6 flagship mirror-less " equally equipped with built-in electronic viewfinder (EVF) strobe mounted justification makes Advanced universal hotshoe mount than the NEX-7 with Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi) support makes the difference between lease the existing mirror and When you see these characteristics, even compared to the fuel's DSLR in general do not stand up.

3) Counter Punch it!

Volume and weight. Items I have explained before, all equipped with APS-C type sensor to high-level operability or merge if the same difference sure how to make it smaller and more compact, the screening superiority keywords . DSLR with the same level of operability, as well as sensors and body to the small size of the Sony NEX-6 mirror lease Camera DSLR several Modo is overwhelming. DSLR instead of the mirror lease, is it not a problem. I do so because

Camping in the sample shots taken with a NEX-6 a few places.

Spider Stove | Sony NEX-6 | 50mm | 1/80s | F/1.8 | ISO 100

deciduous Sony NEX-6 | 50mm | F/1.8 | 1/80s | ISO 100

train travel | Sony NEX-6 | 30mm | 1 / 16000s | F/2.8 | ISO 100

sokup play Sony NEX-6 | 50mm | 1/250s | F/2.2 | ISO 600 | +0.3

Sony NEX-7, current heavy DSLR instead used as the main body and. Today introduced a NEX-6, also Sony's newly released flagship mirror-less camera as the NEX-7 or similar and some better performance have been developed. Contrast AF and Phase Difference AF combined with dual AF system and a camera APP, not existing NEX-7 in the Wi-Fi feature new features do.

I saw the difference, DSLR and NEX-6. Only one year between DSLR junggeupgi level of boosting can be really incredible. Any product in the future come to watch, but for the time being be my flagship NEX DSLR rather than the body, it certainly is. Already a year ago, so he was a :)

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