Jan 25, 2013

Yeast Infection Causes and Symptoms

What Is Yeast Infection?

Candidiasis or thrush is a fungal infection (mycosis) of any of the Candida species, of which Candida albicans is the most common. Candidiasis encompasses infections that range from superficial, such as oral thrush and vaginitis, to systemic and potentially life-threatening diseases.

What Causes Yeast Infection?

Normally your vagina already has healthy bacteria living in it and most of the time the yeast is kept under control by the healthy bacteria, making it slightly acidic that prevents yeast from growing too much. If the balance is not under control, yeast infection will occur when there is an increase in quantity of yeast that causes it to be abnormal.

There are many reasons that can result a yeast infection.
  • hormonal changes
  • medications, especially antibiotics
  • certain medical conditions
  • a weakened immune system
  • sexual transmission
Though women run into a higher risk of getting yeast infection. Men also can get it quite easily with almost the same reasons.

Symptoms Of Vagina Yeast Infection
  • Itching
  • Burning sensation when urinating or sex
  • Vulva redness
  • Thick white discharge that looks a little like cottage cheese, but no odor
Symptoms Of Penile Yeast Infection
  • Itching and Irritation on the head of the penis
  • White, clumpy discharge
  • Redness
  • Little red itchy bumps may appear on the penis shaft or surrounding genital area
Symptoms Of Oral Thrush
  • White, cream coloured or yellow spots curd look alike in the mouth.
  • When you scrap the spots, it can bleed slightly.
Newborn babies, diabetic patients, dentures user and people with dry mouth have higher risk of getting Oral thrush.


I almost finished my third candida cleanse and I'm still itchy and yucky from the candida. I also take a liver cleanse and a 50 billion probiotic. How long do I need to do the candida cleanse? I'm irritable, greatly fatigued and so super itchy. Is there any natural cure for candida? Please kindly help me…

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