Feb 23, 2013

5 Heartburn Prevention Tips

To Heartburn Prevention, dr.T.Bahdar Johan, Sp.PD, an expert in diseases of Bintaro International Hospital, suggested a few tips. It is not an absolute tips apply to all people because each individual has a situation and a different body condition.

1. Watch lunchtime

This applies especially to people who have stomach acid disorders. Eating late can cause interference in the stomach or stomach acid to rise into the chest area. This is why many people feel the heat inside.

2. Beware of food that is too hot or cold

Foods that are too hot or cold can interfere with the digestive system. Human digestive system to work at a certain temperature limits. Hot foods may interfere with the excess mucus layer that lines the digestive tract. Foods that are too cold will also make the digestive system to shrink, making the process of digestion.

3. Watch Menu Foods

Hot foods and fried often cause injury or irritation of the throat. Inflammation will cause heartburn symptoms. Too much oil in the diet is not good for digestion and throat.

4. Regular exercise

Heartburn symptoms can occur because of fatigue. With exercise, body condition can be trained and better maintained. Endurance or stamina will increase, so do not easily affected by heat in the body condition was too tired.

5. Manage stress

Today many people are complaining in the heat stress. Stress can lower the immune system, also disrupt hormones mealtimes and body.


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