Feb 15, 2013

Carrot Juice Health Benefits

It is a misconception that carrot juice is bitter and awful to taste. In fact it tastes good and has many health benefits. Well, do you know what benefits stir in carrot juice? When carrot is juiced and a glass of it is consumed every day, it improves our health in various ways. So, what are the health benefits of carrot juice anyway? Read on to find out.

Carrot Juice Health Benefits

Eating carrots as well as drinking one glass of carrot juice is extremely beneficial, as carrot juice contains many vitamins and minerals. Carrot juice is like a tonic to our body. Studies have shown that people who included one glass of carrot juice everyday in their diet showed a lot of improvement in their health. Carrot juice is good for the liver, eyesight, teeth, bones, nails, hair, prenatal health, and there are carrot juice benefits for skin too. Carrots contain beta carotene, which helps prevent cancer and is converted into vitamin A in the liver.

Vitamin A, being an essential nutrient, relieves eye weakness, eye strain, and improves the immune system. Vitamin A stored in the liver has great cleansing effects in the body. It also reduces the fat and the bile accumulated in there, thus cleansing it thoroughly and making sure that it works properly. Drinking carrot juice regularly makes sure that your liver remains healthy. It also provides relief from constipation.

Being an excellent source of vitamin B, C and calcium pectate, carrot juice has also been found to have properties of lowering cholesterol. Carrot juice is rich in antioxidants and scavenges the free radicals giving us a better, healthy and nourished skin. Antioxidants also help in slowing the process of aging and control diseases. Carrot is also rich in dietary fiber and it promotes colon health.

Other benefits of carrot juice also include reducing the risk of cardiovascular illnesses. Carrot juice also benefits diabetic patients as it has a plant hormone called tocokinin, that is similar to insulin. Acne is caused by toxicity in our body. Having the best detoxifying and cleansing properties, carrot juice is effective for acne too. Carrots do contain a medium amount of sugar. Carrot juice can help increase the menstrual flow in women and improve their fertility. Being a rich source of alkaline elements, it also purifies and revitalizes the blood. It also helps to nourish the system and maintains the acid-alkaline balance in our body. The juice of carrot eases alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Wounds and injuries are also healed faster on consumption of carrot juice. Carrot juice helps fight anemia. Some dietitians recommend drinking carrot juice for weight loss.

Blending and Mixing

For those who make a face when carrot juice is served, here are some blends that you can have your carrot juice with. When carrot juice is blended with other raw vegetable or fruit juices, it boosts our immune system even better. Blending carrot juice with cabbage juice, produces an alkaline effect and protects from the acid forming food effects. Also, mixing carrot and spinach juice, provides nutrients to the hair roots which stops hair loss and helps in restoring natural hair color.

I'm sure that after reading these benefits of carrot juice, you might feel tempted to have a glass of it. Carrot juice is a really healthy way to keep up you and your health. I guess that is why Bugs bunny is so healthy!


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