Feb 3, 2013

Celebrity Natural Anti Aging Beauty Secrets

If you’re reading this, then you must have noticed something about your favorite celebrities who are well in their forties and don’t seem to age like the rest of us, right? When you ask someone in the street about what do they think celebrities do to stay so young and in such a good shape, most people would answer because they have plenty of money to buy the best products and beauty professionals.

Although that might be true, some of the biggest Hollywood stars are taking the high road of beauty products and treatments by going green and natural in every way possible. These anti-aging beauty secrets can cost just pennies and can be done by anyone from the comfort of your own home and without spending a fortune on the SPA or beauty salon every weekend.

The best way to stay young and in shape is to do it naturally. Some celebrities have discovered this and have said no to plastic surgery and Botox procedures which are costly and risky What can we do to stay and look younger? And what bad habits we must avoid in order to keep us from aging faster?

Natural anti-aging celebrity secrets

Moisturize. At all times and every day you should moisturize in order to keep your skin hydrated and fresh. The actress from Charlie’s Angels, Demi Moore, confesses that she moisturizes every day no matter how late or tired she is. Wearing too much make up or not cleaning it properly could easily dry up and deteriorate your skin and therefore make you look older.

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez revealed some of her beauty secrets to INSTYLE magazine and said that alcohol and smoking ruins your skin and at night she always washes her face and moisturizes before going to bed.

Beware of those free radicals. Free radicals are the ones responsible for making your skin look older than it really is. In order to get rid of those free radicals from your skin consider some natural supplements like pomegranate juice, RioVida or some other antioxidant nutrient in your daily diet.

Get lots of sleep, when you sleep after a long day’s work your entire body and your skin regenerates and recharges to be ready for the next day. If you work for hours and don’t get enough sleep you’re pushing your body to its limits without giving it a chance to regenerate during the night and therefore making it age faster than usual. Make a commitment of sleeping for at least 8 hours every day.

Use products that contain as much natural ingredients as possible. If you like to use make-up search for those that have natural ingredients to keep a natural looking skin without the side effects or allergies of conventional make-up products.

The Insider in the article entitled "Angelina Jolie's Beauty Secrets", claims that actress Angelina Jolie uses caviar-based cosmetics because they are great for the skin.

Engage in sports, community services, yoga, meditation sessions or any kind of activity that preserves your youth inside as well as outside. When you participate in some form of exercise you allow your body to leave the stressful situations of work and school, giving you a positive attitude towards life and therefore making you younger from the inside.

Madonna has a very strict exercise routine. She tries everything from yoga, Pilates, swimming, cycling, lifting weights and she works out for almost three hours a day.

Water is life, so drink it every day. Water has the natural ability to cleanse and clean the body from chemical ingredients and hazardous substances. It’s ok if you drink soda, coffee or alcohol beverages but make sure to drink even more rations of water when you do so. A hydrated body makes for younger looking skin.

Bad habits we must avoid in order to look and age like a celebrity

Don’t smoke. If you want to live longer and age slower stay away from smoking. Smoking is one the most damaging and biggest contributors to aging faster, especially in women. No matter what kind of anti-aging cream or supplement you use, if you smoke you may as well be wasting your money.

Stay away from the sun's rays. I mean, a little sun tan is no problem but if you overdo it you will expose your skin to ultraviolet radiation and nothing makes you age faster than that. Always wear sunscreen even if it’s not sunny outside because ultra violet rays are invisible to the human eye.

Actress Jennifer Aniston has a morning ritual that involves putting re-freezable ice packs on her eyes for ten minutes to keep them from looking worn out, said a source close to the actress to NOW, the celebrity news & style magazine.

Avoid drinking too much coffee or alcohol. Coffee deprives your body of important nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy and young. Alcohol on the other hand dehydrates your skin and in the long run makes it lose its elasticity making it look dry and dull.

If you follow these simple yet effective tips there is no reason why you shouldn’t look and age like a celebrity. Just remember to take everything you put in your body with moderation. As always the key to have results in any health regime is discipline, make it part of your daily lifestyle and you will see results.


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