Feb 21, 2013

Evidence: Sabah Leased Payment From Malaysia

Is Sabah or North Borneo really belongs to Malaysia? Yes, that is actually a very big question mark since there are standoff in Lahad Datu, Sabah, Malaysia until today there are about 100 - 300 Royal Arm Forces of the Sulu Sultane occupying the town. The big question is that if Malaysia really owns Sabah or North Borneo so why does it have to make an annual leased payments the Malaysian Government to the Heirs of Sultanate of Sulu? Some leaked evidence exists that the truth of recent annual Sabah leased payment to the Sultanate of Sulu is as follows:

Please do not ask me were I got it, asked Mr. Google. Images credits to the blogger original source its in Malay language you have to used Google Translate to fits your mother tongue to be able for you to comprehend.

If all these document fees above is true, therefore the claimants are sure that Sabah does not belong to Malaysia and only proves the existence of the legal owner of Sabah are the Sultanate of Sulu.

Sabah or North Borneo and the island of Spratly islands including Palawan were bestowed as Eternal Gifts to the Sultan of Sulu by the Sultan of Brunei in 1658 in gratitude for the Military assistance of the Sultan of Sulu to avert a civil war in Borneo. Thus, since That time, Sabah became a property of the Sultan of Sulu and the Sultanate of Sulu. Sabah's problem is illegal That Squatter Tenant (Malaysia) squatted on the property and sovereign patrimony of the Sultan of Sulu, the original Owner of Sabah since 1658 to this day

In 1878, HM Sultan Jamalul Ahlam Kiram (The Sultan of Sulu & The Sultan of Sabah), as the legitimate owner, leased Sabah to a British company of Gustavus Baron de Overbeck and Alfred Dent for Their durable and Their heirs for an amount of 5.000 Mexican dollars or 5.000 pieces of eight in gold per year (Selatan is equivalent to over U.S. $ 20 million today per year) but this Perpetual Lease prohibits the transfer of Sabah to Any nation, company or individual without the consent of His Majesty's Government ("Government of the Sultan of Sulu "). The transfer of Sabah by Great Britain to Malaysia in 1963 constituted a "breach" of the provisions of the 1878 Lease as the Government of the Sultan of Sulu did not consent to the transfer to Malaysia. As a point in law, Sabah must and Should be returned to the lessor or owners; ie, the Sultan of Sulu and the Sultanate of Sulu.

"Perpetual Lease" means the lease or rental That agreement was not Eternal but it was only "Perpetual" or continuous to the original lessees or renters for as long as the Original Lessees were alive but de Overbeck and Dent Brothers the two were long dead so Perpetual Lease this no longer existed and thus Sabah Should revert Should be returned to the Sultan of Sulu as lessor landlord Owner and Should NOT be illegally occupied by Malaysia.


Fake IC http://mutalibmd.blogspot.com/


but the letter says... CESSION money, meaning there are still outstanding money to be paid for CEDDING the land to another owner.

Meaning which if money is being paid, it is just to pay off the sale of the land and not LEASING or renting..

simple english mah

Cession money means you give up your rigth to develop the land by leaser and make investment, and profit of the land without any hold out from the owner for the contract period of 99years and nothing said in the contract that it is forever (that is why is called contract). One more thing there is nothing written in the contract the the land is for sale.
Check your english word not literally but contractually as stated in the agreement. It seems your still young and lack of knowledge to comment in this kind of topic.

You should change the title to "Evidence of Sabah Cessation Payment". Cessation means that the land was given up, and in this context, it's "for ever and in perpetuity", here, check the 1878 agreement yourself http://www.lawnet.sabah.gov.my/Lawnet/SabahLaws/Treaties/GrantBySultanOfSuluOfTerritoriesAndLandsOnTheMainlandOfTheIslandOfBorneo.pdf

Sabah belongs to Malaysia. We, Sabahans, will never ever give up an inch of our land to the Sulu sultanate or any foreign claimant for that matter.

-Anak Sabah, Warga Malaysia (Sons and Daughters of Sabah, Citizens of Malaysia)

to the sabahans... i feel sorry for you. you don't know where you came from. you don't know where you are. you don't know where you're going

to the sabahans, i feel sorry for you...
you don't know where you came from...
you don't know where you are...
you don't know where you're going...

Does the Sultanate agrees of the word "cession money"? If not, then it is still "rental payment" as the original agreement says. And anyway, nobody just cede his/her right without making a document stating his/her desire and freewill to cede his/her property. Does Malaysia have such kind of document?

I hope you people, commentator can research the word Pajak or Padjak and also you may find on the internet the original written in Jawi an Arabic alphabet as used to the contract by both parties, not the translated one.

As sabahan muslim people,if you ask me to join as sultanate sulu,better for use to join sultanate Brunei if Malaysia can't defense our state.....Jolo island still in chaotic,we live in peaceful here....you want to teach use to live peacefully...teach youself first....We sabahan muslim and non muslim will defense our state till the end....we kills all sulu people untill the end of Sultanate sulu life and descent of him in sabah or out of sabahan......

@Gunthor Khundur
Yeah kill the righteous owner of the land you're staying in.
That just make you a land grabber, a robber. Pathetic!

"That Squatter Tenant (Malaysia) squatted on the property and sovereign patrimony of the Sultan of Sulu, the original Owner of Sabah since 1658 to this day"

But the country of 'Malaysia' did not officially exist until 1963 where it encompassed Peninsular, Sabah and Sarawak. Before 1963, it was under British rule. The Filipino govt or the Sulu sultanate should have asked the British for the money. That's like 3 centuries.

And according to Sulu Royalty historical records, the last known heir of the Sulu Sultanate Sultan Jamalul Kiram II (1884-1936) died without a heir during the American Occupation. He was shunned by his people for being unislamic, and slaughtered his own subjects under the guise of 'quelling rebellion'. From that moment on, the name 'Kiram' to Sulu people are either a) fakers or b) descendents of traitors.

I am sorry, but Sulu people would rather side with an understanding, peaceful Islamic nation and king (Malaysia) rather than an infidelistic, hedonistic and ruthless secular nation (Philippines)

Oh, and before I forget. The amount of money paid as 'lease' is pretty cheap.

Converting P77k to Ringgit we get...RM5000 a year, 5 thousand ringgit? That's like 3 months of a regular worker's wage (minimum wage would be RM1500 for degree holders). Or even someone who sells rice at the market could get 5 thousand for 2 nights of selling. As for the rent rates here, RM5,000 is the monthly rent for a shop or restaurant. For a techy guy, RM5000 can buy two Samsung Galaxy S2's or a high end ASUS laptop.

So what you're saying is that Malaysia is paying the fake Sulu Sultan a measly amount of money every year? It's not fair for both parties I think. If I wanted to rent out a whole country I'd put the rent as 3 billion USD/month

Other errors:

1) The Malaysian Government does not use that font
2) The real Sultan of Sulu is Sultan Bantilan II in Jolo

The original DEED named 'The DEED of 1878 of North Borneo' was written in ARABIC. It was long gone or stolen or demolished, it was translated to english and make chaos to the meaning of PADJAK/PAJAK or rent till end of time. English doesnt know what is the meaning or how to explain of this meaning in that time ( we know english language can and be used to turn any real meaning of english words or pronounce to any meaning that can turn the table ) ** thats why jewish want to turn english language to the global language** so thats why the real DEED of 1878 of North Borneo in Arabic cannot be found in internet , Arabic words do mean what it means and cannot be altered to change the meaning .

So do in court of english man . Often try to turn the table by english words.

Try find the copy of the 'The DEED of 1878 of North Borneo' and try to interpret it by you language remember 'lease' is not payment of buying, and 5000/5K was originally in gold pieces not any amount of currency like the fake copy.

Try to imagine 5000/5K pieces of gold here and the present currency and the lease was increasing by 300 pcs per year so 5300/5.3K in the next year and so on.. till the Gustavus and Alfred brothers quit on renting the land or till end of their time means dead and must be return to the Sultan or their heirs and so on... so what do we should do... promised or contract is what you call claimant.

up to you...

What is the nonsense here?
Why being so Thick Face forcing and claiming things that dont belong to you,

If any court of law or anything higher, dare, by all means make a referandum.. let the people of Sabah get to chose whether they belong to Sulu or Malaysia.

And the rest is All Poyo.

The so called sultan sulu can kiss my ass

Imagine - we are in the 21st century where democracy and the will of the people through the ballot box is how countries are run. And here we have idiots who want to put a tinpot autocratic monarchy in control of Sabah? Do you honestly think these "Sultan of Sulus" if given a chance, would want to hand it over to the Phillipines? They are in it for themselves.

The indigenous people of Sabah do not want to be under these fake Sultan of Sulu or the Phillipines. It will never happen. Move on with your lives.

If you keep looking back at history, then the Phillipines belongs to Spain and you should hand over your country back to Spain.

The Sultanate of Sulu was founded by a Johorean from the Malay Peninusula in 1457. If the Phillipines keeps being un-neighbourly in wanting to pursue a claim over Sabah, then maybe we should claim back the Sulu islands from Phillipines.

Manila was founded by the Sultan of Brunei and part of Bruneian territory. I guess Brunei should also claim back Manila from the Phillipines?

Move on with your lives ...

The Sulu Sultanate later came under the control of Spain in Manila. In 1885, Great Britain, Germany and Spain signed the Madrid Protocol to cement Spanish influence over the islands of the Philippines. In the same agreement, Spain relinquished all claim to North Borneo which had belong to the Sultanate in the past.[36]

The Spanish Government renounces, as far as regards the British Government, all claims of sovereignty over the territories of the continent of Borneo, which belong, or which have belonged in the past to the Sultan of Sulu (Jolo), and which comprise the neighbouring islands of Balambangan, Banguey, and Malawali, as well as all those comprised within a zone of three maritime leagues from the coast, and which form part of the territories administered by the Company styled the “British North Borneo Company.”
—Article III, Madrid Protocol of 1885

Show us the transfer of ownership from the Sultan of Brunei to the Sultan of Sulu. If it is true that the Bruneians transfer ownership - then why did the Bruneians sign multiple agreement for Sabah with CL Moses 1864, WJ Torrey, Baron von Overbeck 1877, etc. all before any agreement was signed with the Sultan of Sulu

Hi I hope you dont mind me posting your link on my facebook, (https://www.facebook.com/thelionessprincess) without your prior approval. Let e know if in any way it is a bother. Thank you.

we own the land & has the right to choose our own leader, btw is the sultan sulu gov still exist? If no, they dont hv right, our ancestors hv chosen which country we want to b in, they can come as visitors not as owner, if history of prev gov can b counted as right, imagine the old govmnts in the world, can their decendants claims any of the land govn by their ancestors mmmm can the decendants of mayan king claims all of central america, for sabah, we own the land, the right is in our hands not the so call sulu sultan, they dont exist anymore...

Same as the above mention.. just for the sake of info n thoughts of the others..

Benarkah Malaysia Membayar Sewa Kepada Filipina Untuk Sabah?


Malaysia membayar 'cession money' sebanyak USD5,000 setiap tahun kepada waris Sultan Sulu.
'Cession money' ialah bayaran penyerahan, dan bukan bayaran sewa. Selain Sabah, terdapat wilayah-wilayah lain di dunia yang diserahkan (ceded) dengan bayaran, contohnya:

1. Louisiana, diserah oleh Perancis kepada Amerika Syarikat dengan bayaran berjumlah USD15 juta, atau kurang USD0.03 seekar.

2. Alaska, diserah oleh Russia kepada Amerika Syarikat dengan bayaran USD7.2 juta, atau USD0.02 seekar.

LINK: http://matdespatchotai.blogspot.com/2013/03/pray4lahaddatu-info-buat-mereka-yang.html?m=1

you guys talk BS! The best thing to do is to bring this to an international body! Let's get this over with!

what's with the different fonts used for each letterheads? they look suapect to begin with, considering that these are suppose to be official documents.

either you think everyone's as gullible as you are or you did a half-baked 'research' like that ph news portal, which quoted a recently edited wiki article on Sabah as a credible news source.


U said that RM5000 is cheap? that means u want more? for who? you didnt have any job? didnt own any property?

Pathetic. u just want Sabah for wealth and money? YOU ARE GREEDY man!
That really show your true self man!

Sultan Bantilan II is the true Sultanate of Sulu and he became Sultan of Sulu sovereign on March 19, 2009 by the masses. and he didnt even claim Sabah. that is true sultan who care about the Sulu people!

Kiram peoples is fake sultans who claim themselves as "REAL" sultan. and they didnt fight for you, Sulu. they just too greedy for being the Sultans and rank! and they are the generation who give permission to US to killed your peoples! dont you remember? please read your own history and you will get the answer.

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