Feb 2, 2013

Health Benefits of Drinking Camel Milk

Eminent scientists and researchers from different countries have proven that camel milk has numerous health benefits. It has been touted since ages that the milk of this desert animal has endured nomads and Bedouins during their long wandering odyssey. Domestication of camels and camel farming are extensively carried out in dry and arid regions like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kenya, etc. In these places, you will find camel milk and its derivatives being readily sold in departmental stores and supermarkets. Though it is still an existing product and not so popular across the world, yet in many parts of the US, camel farming has been set up to boost the sale of camel milk. Importance is given to enhance supply of camel milk, only due to its supremely high nutritional value.

Composition of Camel Milk

Its composition is almost similar to a human mother's milk. Being enriched with proteins and vitamins, it is a perfect dietary supplement for healthy as well as malnourished children and adults. The key vitamins include vitamin A, B and B2. It contains essential minerals like potassium, zinc, manganese, copper, magnesium, sodium, and iron. The presence of sodium renders it slightly salty. When compared to cow's milk, the lactose and fat content of camel milk is much lower than the former, while vitamin C and iron content are 3 times and 10 times more than cow's milk, respectively. Its nutritional value is enhanced with the presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid and volatile acids. As immune factors are present in its milk, you can have it regularly to strengthen your immune system. Last but not the least, camel milk also contains specific antimicrobial elements, which are indeed useful for the body.

Health Benefits of Camel Milk
  • General Health

    From the composition itself, you can very well estimate how nutritious camel milk is. The wide range of nutritional elements present in camel milk improve the general health and resistance of the body. It strengthens bones and is therefore, suggested to people suffering from calcium deficiency and bone disorders, especially in case of osteoporosis. Drinking camel milk solves sexual issues, like impotency, lack of libido and suppressed sexual drive. It is an excellent health drink for people suffering from nutrient deficiency and is safe for lactose-tolerant people. In general, you can have camel milk to stay fit and energetic.
  • Ensures Immunity

    As already said, camel milk contains antibodies and immunoglobulins; it therefore, makes the body resistant against a wide range of diseases and invasion of foreign particles. When you drink camel milk on a regular basis, your body naturally acquires an improved immune potential. The basic function of the immunoglobulins is to protect the body against autoimmune disorders, allergies and several types of bacterial, fungal and viral infections. You can have camel milk every day, simply for increasing your power of immunity.
  • Diabetes Management

    Drinking camel milk helps in controlling type 1 diabetes. From case studies and clinical trials conducted by scientists, it has been established that camel milk contains insulin and insulin-like proteins which have an anti-diabetic effect in the body. A research publication states that, "Clinical trials in humans with diabetes type 1 have shown that daily consumption of 0.5 liter camel milk reduces the need for insulin medication by an average of 30%." Thus, consumption of camel milk can probably reduce the dosage of insulin needed for diabetes patients.
  • Recovery from Autism

    Tests were performed on individuals suffering from autism to prove its efficacy in eliminating health complications associated with this disorder. The research thesis of Dr. Yosef Shabo and Dr. Reuven Yagil explains that, camel milk being devoid of beta-casein and beta-lactoglobulin, is not detrimental to autistic people. Furthermore, the immunoglobulins and protective proteins present in it, aid in development of the brain. They conducted a survey regarding the effects of camel milk on autistic children of different age groups. The results of the case studies were quite convincing and proved that camel milk actually showed improvement in their communication skills and functions of the brain.
You must take your doctor's advice before drinking it for the purpose of controlling diabetes or as a cure for any kind of health disorders. I would suggest you to check that the milk comes from a well-controlled herd and the product has been pasteurized properly. You can also have cheese and butter manufactured from camel milk. And today, owing to its immense medicinal value, it is the key ingredient in a wide range cosmetic products and dermatological creams.


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