Feb 8, 2013

Huawei BM622 downgrade firmware 2010 via tftp

First of all is we have to make it sure that we are able to access or connect the Huawei BM622  4G WiMAX wireless broadband modem CPE by verifying through pinging the IP address via CLI (command line interface) or thru web GUI (graphical user interface) on browser with same IP address at to make it realistic as show below snap shot.

Whether or not the Huawei BM622  4G WiMAX wireless broadband modem CPE enable/disable its DHCP server we have also to verify our PC if we are using Dynamic or Static IP address to anticipate if the CPE device reboots failed to provide IP address or the PC itself can not acquire its IP address.

Static IP address is more preferable during TFTP firmware uploading operation to make it sure we are in the same IP address subnet and our PC is still connected even if the CPE device fail its DHCP server during power on.

To start with, the PC must be ON with the Static IP address above mention. Power off the CPE device Huawei BM622, unplug the AC/DC adapter then plug it again and remain the power is OFF.
  1. Click START and RUN, then type cmd to open windows CLI (command line interface) mode
  2. Type cd\ to change directory i.g. C:\
  3. Make sure your bm622firmware2010.bin is in local drive C:\
  4. Type tftp –i put bm622firmware2010.bin as you can see from the screenshot below, wait DO NOT press enter yet until to do so.
  5. Make sure or double check that the LAN cable is physically connected to the PC and to the CPE device Huawei BM622 port.
  6. Using a pin or sharp item insert onto the pin hole and press the “Reset” button at the side of the CPE device Huawei BM622 as shown below snapshot.
  7. Press the Power ON button of the Huawei BM622 while still pressing the "Reset" button.
  8. Release the “Reset” button of the Huawei BM622 and press Enter to begin the TFTP firmware downgrade/upgrade.
  9. Please wait for 1 (one) minute and reboot the modem.
  10. Press “Reset” while BM622 is ON.
  11. Open your browser type to verify or check if your firmware is already being uploaded, just do same procedure if it is unsuccessful. This tutorial is if you want to downgrade or upgrade your BM622 firmware via TFTP, this can be also applied to 4G WiMAX CPE Huawei model BM621, BM622i, BM625, and BM626.


sir kailangan bah nakainternet pag ng configure sir

@ charles bacalla : kahit walang internet pede.

di ko makuha huhuhu

@ Malvin Sy :

medyo tricky po ito kasi dapat sa shell ka,

ATP> shell

sir..na try nyo na po ba ito?working po ba?

@ botakx heussaff :

sir..na try nyo na po ba ito?working po ba?

# pede lng ito kung nasa loob kana ng shell.

@Marvz TagmOvz :

hindi pa tested sa 622i

sir pakitong, panong shell? TFT Client ba?
or Telnet? reply po asap.and about dun sa firmware meron po ba kayo?

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