Feb 14, 2013

Huawei BM622i Change MAC via Upgrade Telnet

Here's another trick to change the MAC Address of your Huawei BM622i 4G WiMAX CPE wireless broadband modem using BM622i V100R001PHLC08B029PST03.exe dis-upgrading the firmware 2011 via telnet command line interface (cli).

First you have to download here the Globe WiMAX 4G wireless broadband CPE modem upgrade utility filename for Huawei BM622i V100R001PHLC08B029PST03.EXE and run it, as you can see the screenshot above.

Just leave it open as it on the screenshot above, open up telnet client if you have Putty utility much better input at port 23 and click open.. But if you don't have on your Windows 7 you must enable it on Control Panel  then Program and Features where telnet is located. Windows XP telnet client is enable by default just Click Start => Run then type telnet command hit enter it will prompt you a window lead to command line interface.

You may now login using the simple steps below:

LOGIN: Firefly

PASSWORD: $P4mb1h1r4N4m4nT0!!

Then press enter

ATP>xiugai macdizhi XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
ATP>diag restore default

Wait, now the Huawei BM622i WiMAX 4G Wireless broadband CPE modem will reboot. Open any your favorite browser on address bar type with the username and password user, use Huawei WiMAX password generator to generate the admin password to be able to login as admin privilege account.

Congratulation, you may now able to change your Huawei BM622i WiMAX 4G CPE wireless broadband modem.



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