Feb 18, 2013

Huawei WiMAX Password Generator

Recently, Globe Telecom one of the major wireless ISP in the Philippines updated all their Huawei devices 4G WiMAX CPE remotely using TR069  that is connected to their network and this will enhance some features to the wireless modem especially firmware version V100R001PHLC08B025.

The delima with the new firmware 2011 updates is that the old tricks to locate the admin password for the subscriber to gain access to the advanced features on the CPE device such as Huawei BM622i will no longer co-exist.

This how-to is an alternative way to generate the admin password in order to login as admin account with the privilege unchanged of the 4G WiMAX CPE. Things you need are:

1. Download this file Huawei WiMAX BM622i password generator here
2. Extract the downloaded file using WINRAR, 7zip, or compatible .rar extractor
3. Open/Click this file 'ExcelAccess.exe' from the extracted folder.

You can check this previous post on how to get the MAC address on Globe Broadband 4G WiMAX Huawei Bm622i using default username and password.

4. Now you will have to get you MAC address under your Huawei BM622i modem (under the bar code you will see MAC: AA11BB22CC33) something like that.

5. Enter your MAC here

6. Click 'GENERATE' button to generate your admin password and will show something like this below

7. Now copy/paste that in your notepad (you can use ctrl-c & ctrl-v to copy paste), so you can remember easily.

8. On your web browser got to URL: and then enter username: admin and your generated password.

9. After a successful login, you will now be able to fully administer your BM622i 4G modem, and will be able to open other special tabs.

Hope this helps.... just leave a comment if you appreciate my post.

I got this from another forum site, and wanted to share my own experiment, and so I made my own procedures. Enjoy!


Hi! Thanks for the info. However, I still cannot log in even after typing the generated password. It's not working. :(

check the version of your 4G WiMAX CPE there are at least for user password for the user account so that you can generate admin password.

I have V100R001PHLC08B024 version.. pero ung na generate na password doesn't access admin.. pls.. help me.. tnx alot

2011-05-10 ang package date ng saken

@ Jonathan Mercado : to use the password generator all you have to do is WAN mac address to be input on the generator and please take note that ":" colon is not included only the hex.

Hey Jonathan, thank you so much for your wonderful information on how to use admin privileges ng Huawei BM622i.. Now I can finally access to may tabs as well. But my question is, anu b mku2ha q d2?? pnu ko pbibilisin internet connection q with this? really need some answer kc d q alm configuration pnu pbilisin tong akin.. you can email for some tips oh.. barely need your assistance kung pnu pblisin ung internet connection q..
email me at amanoma010@hotmail.ph
looking forward for you answer..

@ amanoma frivaldo :

oh... I guess VIP account ang hanap mo, yung mabilis pa sa kidlat. meron 8-12Mbps na pede mong gawin para mas mabilis ang mga downloading mo, kagaya sa YouTube pra hindi kana mag antay ng ilang minuto pra lng makapanood ng stream videos.

sir panu naman un ganung setting, anu dapat gawin sa wimax para maabot un bandwith?

@ Jommel Pascua :

ang VIP account kadalasan sa mg company ginagamit at pede yun hiramin at gamitin kung di nila ito pansamantalang ginagamit kung kakilala ang may-ari, o di kaya mgpa connect ng VIP account.

sir wala pa po bang password generator for version V100R001PHLC08B030? -newbie chick :)

@ newB :

yung link nasa taas ng article pede mo l ng i-download, baka nakaligtaan mo sa pagbasa.

Good eve Mr. Jonathan Delarama!
Bakit po kaya password error yung generated key para sa admin user?
I followed all the steps naman po..

Need your help.. thanks..

hello sir..
how bout sa BM622m?
pano magiging admin account?
thank you for your answer

@ Unknown :

Good eve Mr. Jonathan Delarama!
Bakit po kaya password error yung generated key para sa admin user?
I followed all the steps naman po..

Need your help.. thanks..
# 1 reason baka may semi-colon, 2nd baka VIP MAC yan at di pede sa password generator talagang magerror talaga yan. VIP series generator ang gamitin mo pra di mag error.

@dave dy :

Hello everyone. I need a admin password for my Huawei B593u-12 from Globe too. When I log in as a user, their was no frequency or network options (Auto/4g/3g/2g). It was fixed to 4g(lte). I know my concern is a bit off-topic. But looking forward that someone out there can help me too. Thank you very much.

# If I have that unit on my Desk I can dump the firmware thru hardware so that I can give you that default username and password of your Huawei B593U-12. I'll update if I can get from someone else soon.

it didnt work on my bm622i. any other way to generate admin password?

@ Randy Benavidez :

Baka iba version ng BM622i mo Bro, ang password generator na ito ay para sa BM622 ver 2009 & 2010 pede. likewise sa BM622i ver 2010, BM625 and BM621. tested po yan Bro. kung 2011 yung BM622i mo Bro may ibang paraan nasa ibang post ko search mo na lng sa tag BM622i para di ka mahirapan.

bro, my password generator kaba sa ver bm622i 2011?

gud pm sir! eto po sakin bm622i package date 2011, software version V100R001PHLC08B030, yung signal strength po is 100% pero yung LINK QUALITY (CINR REUSE 1) palagi po 0%. please help

@ lorelie lopez, Lhance Sanchez :

Mga Bro eto link sagot jan sa mga katanugan nyo.


sir, connecting lang po tapos bigla nagccoclose yung window

@ lorelie lopez :

Bro kung ang unit mo ay BM622i ver2011 ganyan tlaga ang sakin nyan dapat i-reflash mo na lng sa ver2010 or downgrade ang firmware. Kung BM622 naman yan maari sa pag reflashed ng WAN_IC may na galaw jan na parts or natanggal kya connecting lng yan lagi. Minsan naman yung cable ng antenna physically connected but internally disconnected dapat check mo yung continuity ng wire sa antenna.Kung di pa rin leave ka lng ng message ulit,by the way check mo yung kung may makita ka jan na frequency o BSID dapat meron yan pra madali ayusin.

pano po magreflash or magdowngrade? newbie here... i have BM622i po yung version 2011.. connect frequency nya is 2612000KHz, BSID 00:00:1B:4C:1E:10.. ilang beses na pabalik-balik dito ang globe technician hindi naman po nila naaayos.. kaya try ko na lang gawan ng paraan.. of course, with your help.. thanks in advance :)

@lorelie lopez :

Bro kung wla kang gamit di mo yan magawa na maidowngrade or ma i-reflashed yung BM622i mo, pede mo ipadala yung unit pra di na sasakit ulo mo at PM mo na lng ako 9358849421.

wala po bang ibang way aside from downgrading?

@lorelie lopez :

Bro tlaga sadya ng upgrade ang Globe pra sa system nila and to eliminate not legal connection kz vulnerable yung CPE nila. kung under subscription ka pa maari pwede yan palitan ng BM622m ng ISP mo. Dami sa forum ng o-offer ng downgrade/reflashed ng BM622i yun lng ang alam ko way pra ma solved yung problema mo.

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