Feb 4, 2013

Huawei BM622i Firmware Destroyer HW Protector

This is the latest automatic hardware protection all protected firmware and wan chips when protection is "on". Credit ko to kay boss lavaboy sa mga idea na binigay at design niya salamat bossing. nagpapasalamat din ako sa kasama kong technician na si tools1180 sa pagtulong nya sakin sa paggawa ng circuit design...

LED indicator:

1 Red = unprotected firmware & wan
1 Green = protected firmware & wan read-only mode (lan & wan cannot be change)

Switches :

1 rocker switch = on & off
1 push botton = to change wan & lan mac unprotected.

Relay and some parts.

Adapter is plug in modem off

Modem turn on

Modem protected

The modem is boot-up completed and operates with protected mode...Firmware chip is in read-only mode (no configuration setting can be changed); wan chip is in read-only mode (no wan/wimax signal settings can be changed... Wan mac cannot be changed even by the user)

This article can be found at Symbianize Forum created by soundbass1967


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