Feb 20, 2013

Huawei E392 LTE Test Stick Review

Huawei has sold his surf sticks and modems only the network operators, including extensive branding. That is now changing: now adds Huawei to distributors and retailers with surf sticks and routers without branding - to the delight of many users. Among the first devices available is the Huawei E392 LTE stick, which controls nearly all technical sophistication, which are important for a modem. In this test you will find out how the Huawei E392 beats everyday and whether a purchase worthwhile.

Delivery and first impression

The small box contains beside the E392 surf stick nor a Quick Start Guide, a security warning and a Quick Start Guide. Furthermore, a small warranty cards included. At first glance, the Huawei E392 has comparatively large, and even at second glance and in a comparison with the Huawei E398 confirmed this impression - the E392 is quite a chunk. Furthermore, the loop is immediately to the "cap", which is quite reasonable, so that nothing may be lost.


We come to the most important on such a surf stick to the technical data. Huawei has built as I said just about everything that is needed for worldwide use. But see for yourself:
  • LTE: Support for 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz frequencies. LTE is supported both in the frequency division duplex (FDD) as well as variation in the time division duplex (TDD) variant. Maximum with the LTE category 3 modem speeds of 100 Mbit / s downstream and 50 Mbit / s upload speeds are possible.
  • UMTS: 900/1800/2100 MHz frequencies for support. UMTS with DC-HSPA + up to 42.2 Mbit / s download quickly.
  • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz frequencies for support, EDGE is of course too.
  • MicroSD slot for memory cards up to 32GB
  • External antenna connector 2x TS-9
  • No Simlock or Netlock
  • Software for Mac / Windows: Huawei Mobile Partner version
  • Firmware version of the tester: 11.433.25.00.000
As you can see, the stick is in almost all networks in the world to use and even supports the future increasingly used TDD-LTE networks. A special feature is the 1800MHz UMTS frequency previously found only rarely in surfsticks on the European market. ? With the AT command AT ^ = SYSCFGEX the Huawei E392 provides the way out of this: Bands "))

Reception and data rates

The reception of the Huawei E392 is generally good, with it depending on the connection technology differences. The test showed that above all convince the UMTS reception and may very well be. When using the stick LTE800 falters somewhat, but is still much better than the LTE Smartphone HTC One XL . Compared with the Huawei E398, this weakness shows clearly - the E398 can also provides an absolute reference in terms of reception:

Test Site 1

Test Site 2

Huawei E398
Huawei E392
Huawei E398
Huawei E392
Telekom UMTS
Telecom LTE
Vodafone UMTS
Note: O2 and D2 send LTE on 800MHz, 1800MHz to D1. The Huawei E398 LTE could receive D1 at Test Site 1 only in the upright position.

Has proven to be a hindrance, above all, that the Huawei E392 is not pivotable. Although the comparison between E392 and E398 was of course always in a horizontal position, but if you had folded in the E398, the reception was partly a bit better again. When using the router or with an external antenna that is of course irrelevant. Speaking of external antenna: with the appropriate adapters can be for example, a radio station LTE antenna connect, so that the receiver will be upgraded substantially again.

Mobile Partner software

After the first insertion of the Huawei E392 on request the connection software is installed in Mobile Partner version 23rd In my opinion this is a very good software, because it shows detailed information, runs smoothly and avoids unnecessary frills. Previously was Telekom Internet Manager will about the connection technology appears exactly as if one is + or via DC-HSPA + connected to the UMTS network via HSPA: always my favorite among the connection managers, but this mobile is partner version just a tad bit better. In addition, APNs configured completely automatically and you need after changing the SIM card just click on Connect - very pleasant. If you prefer to use its old connection software can continue that course do: thus also being a useful MWconn with no problem.

Use the router possible

To my delight the Huawei E392 worked immediately and without problems on a AVM Fritz box 7390 with latest firmware. Probably tested the stick also works with older models such as the Fritz box 7270, I have not. Also in Dovado Tiny LTE router could immediately be contacted, the Huawei E392 shows do fairly "router-friendly", probably a further advantage over the Huawei E398 LTE aka Telekom Speed ​​Stick or Vodafone K5005.


Huawei has finally his surfsticks also without branding and with original software! The E392 is a very good model and not only convinces with excellent compatibility with routers, but also with a good UMTS reception and the opportunity to use it almost worldwide. Here you can buy a really future-proof model with good software. The cons: the LTE reception at 800 megahertz is not perfect and unfortunately lacks the Huawei HiLink technology that would have given the stick yet another unique feature. In addition, the E392 one of the largest surf sticks.


Where can i buy the HUAWEI E392?

its not available on eBay neither on radioshock, I will inform you if I can get from aliexpress online.

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