Feb 20, 2013

Huawei/ZyXEL HES-319M MAC Changer How-To

First open any of your favorite browser e.g. Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari or other that is not being mention,  type on the address bar then input Username as admin while the Password is 1234 this will vary depends from your ISP customized firmware loaded to Huawe/ZyXEL HES-319M. If you can not access using the username and password please consult you internet service provider (ISP) about it.
Huawei would like to advise that you upgrade the product to a later version, so that we can continue to provide you with our best services. The version still supported by Huawei is as follows:


Huawei hopes that this notice is helpful for you to plan your future networks. This announcement does not affect the existing service relationships. We are consistently dedicated to providing you with other excellent products and services. Any further questions, please contact your Huawei sales representative. - source
ZyXEL HES-319M Outdoor WIMAX CPE a rebrand from Huawei Techonolgies a.k.a. HES-319M, no wonder if you are searching for an article/datasheet and supports for this CPE device is not available on ZyXEL website neither on Huawei site because it is discontinued products.

From the left side Menu, click Network Setting it will prompt you a Submenu then choose/ click WAN so that it will lead you to the setting as shown below screenshot.

From the screenshot above as you can see, you may input a valid/active MAC address on Clone MAC Address field and then click on Save to save the changes you have being made. The Huawei / ZyXEL HES-319M outdoor WiMAX CPE will then now restart with the new WAN MAC address.


This tricks is also applicable to Huawei HES-319M(3.5G)、HES-309M(2.5G)、HES-339M(2.3G)、HES-319M2W(3.5G+WiFi) outdoor WiMAX CPE including the identical rebrand ZyXEL HES-319M(3.5G), HES-309M(2.5G, HES-339M(2.3G), HES-319M2W(3.5G+WiFi) outdoor WiMAX CPE.


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