Feb 16, 2013

Intel 5150 512ANX Half Mini PCI-e WLAN WiMax

Intel 5150 512ANX HMW Half Mini PCI-e WLAN Card WiMax for Acer Asus Toshiba Sony

Product Description:
  • The Intel® WiMAX/WiFi Link 5150 is an IEEE 802.16e and 802.11a/b/g/Draft-N1 wireless network adapter that operates in the 2.5 GHz spectrum for WiMAX and 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz spectra for Wi-Fi.
  • This adapter delivers up to 13 Mbps+ downlink and 3 Mbps+ uplink performance over WiMAX and up to 300 Mbps Tx/Rx2 over Wi-Fi.
  • This integrated module, embedded in new Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology notebooks, provides flexible and convenient connectivity to both WiMAX and Wi-Fi networks to enhance today's mobile lifestyle.
  • Brand: Intel
  • Chipset: Intel WIMAX / WIFI Link 5150
  • Wireless Interface: Intel WIMAX / WiFi Link 5150 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN module
  • Wimax:Intel WIMAX Link 5150
  • Wifi:802.11a/b/g/Draft-N1
  • Up to 300 Mbps of Receive Bandwidth results in a 5x Bandwidth increase compared to legacy 802.11a/b/g solutions
NOTE: This card does NOT Work on IBM / HP laptop, notebook or netbook

Package includes: 1 * 2200 Wireless Card

Intel 5150 512ANX HMW Half Mini PCI-e WLAN Card WiMax Download Drivers here Manual here


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