Feb 14, 2013

Mobily’s 4G network 400Tera registers new record

RIYADH – Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) registered a new world record when its giant LTE network broke through 400 Terabytes a day in term of the volume of data transmission, the company said Friday.

Khalid Omar Al Kaf
The new record comes to exceed the data volume that was registered over the company’s 3G network which was commercially launched in 2006. Mobily said the new record was registered in a short period of time thanks to the huge coverage of its LTE network and the state-of-art infrastructure.

Mobily’s 400 Terabytes achievement will be internationally recognized when Huawei, the global leading company in providing next generation telecommunications networks, will honor Mobily during the 2013 Mobile World Congress that will be held in Barcelona on Feb. 25.

“Achieving this volume of data came in parallel with delivering the highest standards of quality in customers’ products and services. Mobily is committed to maintain its leadership in data and to develop its infrastructure,” said Mobily’s CEO Khalid Omar Al Kaf. He added “We believe that growth sustainability comes with the right vision and our GED strategy drives Mobily to continue in the right track”.

Al Kaf highlighted the importance of adopting with the telecom sector transformation by creating new methodologies and techniques.

He said Mobily is working by its extreme capacity to be a leading and innovative company in its products, solutions and customers experience. Mobily was the first telecom company in the Middle East and North Africa to launch the TD-LTE commercially before the company announced another World’s achievement as it signed 4G data roaming agreements. Mobily’s LTE network covers now more than 4500 sites through its data subsidiary Bayanat Al Oula.On Jan. 2013, the company awarded SAR 963 Million to Ericson and Huawei to expand and upgrade Mobily 3G and LTE network across the Kingdom. — SG


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