Feb 3, 2013

MTX USB SPI NAND Flasher Programmer

Matrix 360 NAND Programmer MTX USB SPI Flasher V1.0 For XBOX360 Game Module

  • Matrix NAND Programmer MTX SPI Flasher V1.0 For XBOX360
  • Cost effective NAND reader / programmer to complete the GliGli Hack.
  • It features a PIC18F2455 microcontroller for stable and quick reading/writing of all NAND models available on the different XBOX360 models.
  • The Matrix NAND programmer is also fully compatible with NANDPRO 2.0e and several other third party programming tools.
  • Fast USB SPI 360 NAND programmer.
  • Fully compatible with all XBOX360 NAND models.
  • Fully compatible with NandPro2.0e Software and other third party software.
  • Easily reprogrammable with via USB connector.
  • Quick reading and writing times.
  • Microchip based for enhanced stability


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