Feb 16, 2013

SmartBro 4G LTE Huawei E392 My Beta Test

I have been under the Smart LTE Closed Beta Testing Program for quite some time now and from what I can say, it certainly beats other wireless ISP when it comes to speed. As a wireless internet user for around 4 years and using around 4 wireless internet connections here at home I can say that the Smart LTE has got some potential, albeit the rumors going around that the price plan for the upcoming Smart LTE is primed for premium plans or in layman’s term high priced plans.

Im no smart broadband user so I have no idea how fast is “fast” for this connection. Plus for the fact that my location here in Manila does not receive a LTE signal means that it might take time until I can consider the Smart LTE as one of my preferred connections, but that’s just me.

Though I don’t have the Smart LTE connection, the USB Dongle Huawei E392 which I am using right now for the Smart LTE receives HSPA+ signal which is fast specially during off peak hours that my speed skyrockets at 4mbps tops. I bet it could go higher if I am in a place with less walls or in a higher floor.

It would depend on what kind of internet user you are. But if you are an internet user who is always on the go or maybe a home user that needs a fast internet connection without minding the budget, then the Smart LTE might just do the job. Otherwise, you can just stick to your trusty internet connection until the Smart LTE has spread out.

Check here if you want to know if your location is being catered with Smart LTE Signal with the Smart LTE Sites List.

This article is written by Louis James Diaz, posted by my guest post blogger.


San maka bili ng RF output cable?

@ GamerZ :

sa salit.com meron pero ingat sa mga Scammer, kung sa metro manila ka naman pede kang makabili sa Isetan Recto mag mRT kana lng pra safe ang biyahe mo.

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